Temple University Shooting: Patrick Buhler Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Fast Facts You Need to Know

Patrick J. Buhler Wiki

Patrick J. Buhler Wiki

Patrick Buhler who has addresses in Morrisville and Mount Bethel. He accused of making terrorist threats against Temple University in Philadelphia. He was arrested on August 1, 2019. He was arraigned Saturday for making threats and its police department as he was buying ammunition at a Walmart store.

Patrick Buhler Age

He is 29 years old.

Patrick Buhler Criminal History

The criminal complaint also notes that Buhler was arrested in April in Flemington, New Jersey, on weapons offenses, in connection with the possession of assault-type weapons, rifles, handguns, large-capacity magazines, and prohibited ammunition. The status of that case was unclear.

Patrick Buhler Arrested and Charges

During the investigation, officials discovered that Buhler had visited multiple Walmart stores in the area, where he purchased more ammunition, knives, small-cylinder propane bottle, a two-way radio, and binoculars.

He was arrested at his home in Morrisville. He said the conversation he had with the Walmart customer was “one big f—k up on my part,” noting he insinuated “violent things” and did not know what he was thinking when he said them.

Authorities allege in a criminal complaint that he spoke to a customer in the sporting goods department of the Walmart in Tullytown on Wednesday night about security at Temple University as he was purchasing five boxes of ammunition. He asked questions about campus police and the department’s response time, “eventually making the statement: ‘You will see something on the news in the next couple of days.'”

The complaint said Buhler said he was buying .223 caliber rifle ammunition because “he knows that cops wear bulletproof vests.” Authorities allege he had visited other Walmart stores to buy ammunition, knives, and small-cylinder propane bottles as well as a two-way radio and binoculars.

Authorities said in the criminal complaint that Buhler, located at his Morrisville address, said the conversation with the Walmart customer was a mistake, noted he insinuated “violent things” and said he didn’t know what he was thinking when he said them.