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Woman’s Gender Reveal Video: Paige Ginn Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Fast Facts You Need to Know

Paige Ginn Biography, Wiki

Paige Ginn is a musical artist who is based in San Diego, California but is originally from Utah. She is known for making videos of herself ‘fake falling over in public’ has shared a clip in which she lies on the floor half-naked, concentrating intensely for a few seconds, before releasing a fart – and a cloud of blue smoke along with it.

Paige Ginn Early Life, Education

Ginn grew up as the youngest of seven siblings in the town of Duchesne, Utah. Ginn is a graduate of Duchesne High School. While in high school, Ginn was a star track and field athlete.

Paige Ginn Career

According to Ginn’s IMDb page, she appears in the 2019 movie, “Airplane mode,” alongside Chloe Bridges, as well as YouTubers Logan Paul and Jake Paul. Ginn has also appeared in “Ridiculousness” by MTV and “Crashletes” by Nickelodeon. Ginn has used his viral stardom to promote a product line, including clothing and a calendar. Ginn has also released an album titled “Pooping With Page”.

Paige Ginn Woman’s Gender Reveal Video

The video, which has been viewed on Facebook more than 17 million times, was also uploaded to her Instagram, Twitter and YouTube accounts, where it has garnered thousands of comments and likes.

Ginn captioned the footage “gender reveal”, later adding that “all future gender reveals are canceled”.

The social media star got naked from the waist down for the announcement, showing a putrid plume of blue powder coming from her backside as she breaks wind. The video then pans to a trio of her pals cheering in the background.

Ginn, best known for her outrageous trip-and-fall stunts in public, posted the vile video for her 279,000 followers on Instagram.

Viewers had mixed responses to the whole thing, with some people finding it hilarious and others being “grossed out”.

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“Did you fart?” ??

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