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A woman was killed in Utah after giving a man a ride, and witnesses watched as the horrific scene unfolded on a highway.
According to Deseret News, authorities believe the still-unidentified woman was stabbed repeatedly on Sunday while driving in Farmington before the murder suspect pushed her out of the driver’s seat of a moving car.
Investigators found the woman’s body less than 22:00. The market is at the edge of the I-15 highway. Police are working to verify the identity of the remains and inform their relatives before revealing the victim’s name.
Authorities arrested 18-year-old Oscar Cuevas-Landa on suspicion of murder and heavy assault, according to the report. A statement by Desert News suggests that police believe the victim put the previously unknown suspect into the car.
“According to available evidence, (Cuevas) got into the car with an unknown person. During this journey (he) stated that the victim looked funny to him, so he stabbed the victim several times and then pushed the driver out of a vehicle moving at highway speed, ”he said.
Several witnesses reportedly noticed the car on the highway and saw the woman’s body being thrown from the vehicle.
According to the sworn statement, the witnesses told the police that they had “seen a car moving erratically in traffic and almost affecting the median.” Shortly thereafter, witnesses stated that a person or something that looked like a corpse had left the vehicle on the driver’s side. ”
Utah Highway Patrol Lieutenant Nick Street told Deseret News that the suspect briefly took over control of the car from the passenger side and, after stopping, got out of the car a short distance from the spot where the witnesses were watching the scene.
Officers noticed the man, who reportedly had blood on his clothes, arm, and hand, and questioned him. According to the affidavit, the suspect confessed to the crime, allegedly admitting that he killed the woman because of the way she looked at him.
“(Cuevas) stated he was going to West Valley and she was staring at him so he stabbed her. (He) also stated that he had been using either acid or LSD and smoking marijuana,” the affidavit states.