Tragic Story El-Salvador Father and Daughter Death: Oscar Alberto Martinez Ramirez Bio, Wiki, Age, Wife (Tania), Daughter (Valeria), Fast Facts You Need to Know,

Oscar Alberto Martinez Ramirez Bio

Oscar Alberto Martinez Ramirez Bio

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Oscar Alberto Martinez Ramirez and his 23-month-old daughter Valeria died on Sunday after being swept away by the current.  The migrant father and his daughter who drowned in the Rio Grande on Sunday. Her Daughter died when she jumped back in the water to follow him as he swam back to get his wife after being safely carried to the US side of the river.

Oscar Alberto Martinez Ramirez Age

He was 25 Years old.

Oscar Alberto Martinez Ramirez Family

He was 25 Years old. her wife name Tania is 21 and Daughter who died with him was only 23 years old.

Oscar Alberto Martinez Ramirez Parents

According to Oscar’s parents, who were in constant contact with them when they were in Mexico, someone told him it would be ‘easy’ to cross illegally if they had to.

Before their deaths, Oscar sent his mother a final text message. It said: ‘Mama, I love you. We’re fine here, look after yourselves.’

She has since described him as a ‘polite’.

His parents want their deaths to serve as a lesson for anyone who is thinking about crossing the border.

Oscar Alberto Martinez Ramirez Early Story

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The Family left El Salvador on April 3 and spent two months in a migrant camp in southern Mexico, looking ahead to the news in their asylum request to the united states, earlier than they determined to take a bus to the border on Sunday to attempt to speed up their case. once they arrived, the consulate becomes closed but in addition, they learned they have been ways down a list of hundreds of migrants in line for interviews. They determined to make the crossing illegally instead of wait – a decision that caused their deaths.

Oscar Alberto Martinez Ramirez Death

Oscar had carried Valeria across the river from Matamoros in Mexico to the banks of the river in Brownsville, Texas, and had turned around to fetch his wife, 21-year-old Tania Vanessa Ávalos, from the other side.

Valeria jumped back in to the water when she saw her father go back in.

He swam back to her and the pair were swept away by the current as Tania watched on helpless from the other side.

Oscar Alberto Martinez Ramirez Bio

Oscar Alberto Martinez Ramirez Daughter Death

Images of their bodies, which were found the next day, showed how Oscar had tucked his daughter inside his t-shirt to try to stop her from drifting away from him.

Her little arm was still draped around his neck, an indication of how she had clung on to him until the final moments of her life.

Oscar Alberto Martinez Ramirez Wife

Tania watched them get carried away in the waters on Sunday and alerted authorities.

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Oscar Alberto Martinez Ramirez Family Planned for US

Their plan was to spend a few years in America to save up enough money to eventually return to El Salvador and buy or build their own house.

‘I begged them not to go, but he wanted to scrape together money to build a home.

‘They hoped to be there a few years and save up for the house,’ Rosa Ramirez, Oscar’s mother, told The Associated Press on Tuesday.

Determined to eventually get to the US, on April 3, they left El Salvador for Mexico.

There, they were granted a humanitarian visa in Tapachula, which would have allowed them to work for a year there while they awaited news of their asylum request in the US.

After two months in southern Mexico with no prospect of entering the US legally, the family decided to make their way to the border to push their case forward.

Beto O’Rourke Blamed Donald TRump

Beto O’Rourke blamed Donald Trump for the deaths of a father and daughter. Democrats have expressed outrage over President Donald Trump’s immigration policies since the searing photo of a drowned father and daughter went viral.

O’Rourke is scheduled to visit the child detention center in Homestead Thursday

‘Trump is responsible for these deaths,’ he wrote on Twitter Tuesday evening, sharing an AP story about the drowning. 

Amy Klobuchar Visited Migrants Shelters

Amy Klobuchar will also visit the shelter on Wednesday

Elizabeth Warren visited Visited Migrants Shelter

Elizabeth Warren visited the Homestead Shelter for Unaccompanied Children on Wednesday ahead of that night’s Democratic primary debate

She stood on a ladder across the street from the facility and waved to teenager in fluorescent orange hats as they were escorted between buildings

Fast Facts You Need to Know

  • He along with his wife named Tania.
  • His Daughter name was Valeria.
  • They lived with Tania’s mother and were surviving on $10 a day which he earned by working in a Papa Johns pizza shop 
  • Tania had quit had her job at as a cashier at a Chinese restaurant to look after their daughter
  • Their dream was to move to the US and save enough money to buy a house 
  • In April, they arrived in Mexico and got a humanitarian visa which allowed them to work there for a year while awaiting news of their US asylum request 
  • Tired of waiting, they made their way to the border on Sunday to try to push their case forward
  • When they arrived, the consulate was closed and they were told they would have to wait weeks or months anyway because so many were in front of them
  • Oscar decided to try to cross illegally, taking Valeria with him first and dropping her safely on the US side of the river
  • When he turned back to get his wife, Valeria jumped in the water after him and they were swept away