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A Lake Worth, Florida city commission meeting on Thursday became heated when Commissioner Omari Hardy grilled Mayor Pam Triolo on the response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The meeting soon turned into a yelling match, with fingers being pointed and accusations being thrown from both parties.

Lake Worth Beach is a city in Florida in Palm Beach County, north of Miami. The mayor, Pam Triolo, is the head of a five-member city commission which includes Commissioner Omari Hardy.

During the emergency meeting, city officials discussed a local utility company’s role during the coronavirus pandemic and the issue of residents losing power for failure to pay utility bills.

According to Commissioner Omari Hardy, he requested the emergency meeting and only one other commissioner agreed to the meeting while other city officials did not think the meeting necessary.

A video recording of the meeting shows Commissioner Hardy becomes upset when another commissioner “calls the question” over the utility company.

“I’m sorry, that’s not how this works,” Commissioner Hardy says in the video. “We usually each have an opportunity to speak five minutes.”

In the video, the mayor asks for a second call to the question and Hardy is seen continuing to pressure the council so he can speak.

Then the conversation gets heated and the two city officials start arguing until the mayor calls for a recess to the meeting.

In a Facebook post, the commissioner says he does not regret the heated exchange between him and the mayor.

“Sometimes you have to get into trouble to stand up for what’s right,” the commissioner says in the post.

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