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Olga Vlaslova Wiki: Olga Vlaslova (Olya Sergeevna) is a Russian model and television personality, She recently made headlines by claiming she had an affair with actor Kit Harington, a claim his spokesperson denied. starring in the Russian reality show called Doma-2. Its title roughly translates to “House-2.”She recently made headlines by claiming she had an affair with actor Kit Harington, renowned for Game of Thrones (GOT) as Jon Snow. The claims have however been denied by his spokesperson denied. The  GOT star Kit Harington was accused of cheating when Russian model Olga Vlaslova said she had a one-month affair with the actor and released supposed nude images of him. According to reports, the Russian model claimed she met Harrington in Luxembourg and that they hooked up on multiple occasions including during his engagement with fellow actress Rose Leslie and after his wedding.


The Russian model claimed she met and began her one-month affair with the Game of Thrones actor while they were in Luxembourg. Harington’s rep reportedly first approached Vlaslova, introducing the two. While they were together, Harington offered to introduce Vlaslova to film directors and even help get her a U.S. visa, she claimed.

Vlaslova recently publicly released photos on Twitter of a naked man whom she contests is Harington, showing him sleeping on a bed with a laptop situated near him. The photos have since been deleted.

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Vlaslova claimed their tryst occurred while he was engaged to fellow Game of Thrones cast member Rose Leslie and continued after their wedding. The 31-year-old actor denied these allegations through his representative, who said, “The allegations in this story are completely false. He’s never even been to Luxembourg nor has he ever met Olga Vlaslova.”


Vlaslova, in addition to her modeling work, is an actress herself, starring in the Russian reality show called Doma-2. Its title roughly translates to “House-2.”

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