Russian Girl Protest Went Viral: Olga Misik Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Fast Facts You Need to Know

Olga Misik Biography

Olga Misik Biography

Olga Misik was pictured reading the document to police in Moscow during a demonstration calling for free elections, in which several people were injured. She became a symbol of pro-democracy resistance in Moscow after an image of her sitting down in front of riot police and reading the constitution went viral

Olga Misik Age

She is 17 years old.

Olga Misik Education

attend Moscow State University to study journalism in September – says her protest was not just about the upcoming elections: it was to highlight a drift away from the post-Soviet constitution, which valued the rights of Russian people.

Olga Misik Politics

Olga says she doesn’t support any particular political party.

“I am only for myself and for the people. I have a neutral attitude towards [Alexei] Navalny and other opposition leaders, but I support what they are trying to do.”

Olga Misik Protest

On 27 July Olga was among thousands of people attending an unauthorized protest in Moscow against the bar on opposition activists running in the Duma election. Several prominent opposition leaders were detained ahead of the rally.

Sitting cross-legged – riot police equipped with shields, batons, and helmets behind her – she pulled out her copy of Russia’s 1993 constitution and began reading from it.

“I read four sections,” she says. “An article talking about the right to peacefully protest, an article saying that everyone can take part in elections, has the right to freedom of speech and that the people’s will and power are the most important thing for the country.”

Olga Misik Viral Image

Photographer Alexei Abanin took the picture of Olga after police, Photos of her protest were shared thousands of times on social media.

Olga left the scene after the reading but was later arrested on her way to a metro station.

She was among more than 1,000 protesters arrested as a result of the 27 July rally. She has been detained four times in the past three months. She says she was peacefully protesting each time.

While the police did not mistreat her, Olga says they denied her a doctor when she said she felt ill. She was released 12 hours later and faces a fine of 20,000 roubles (£250; $305) for taking part in an illegal protest.

Wearing a protective vest, a young woman sat in front of Russia’s riot police.

On her lap was a copy of the Russian constitution, which she began reading to the heavily armoured police around her. Behind them was a demonstration calling for transparent Moscow elections, in which several people were injured.

The photo went viral within minutes and Olga Misik, 17, became a symbol of Russia’s pro-democracy movement. Some compared the image to Tiananmen Square’s Tank Man, who stood in a tank’s path in Beijing in 1989.

“The situation in Russia is currently extremely unstable,” Olga told the BBC.

“The authorities are clearly getting very scared if they are consolidating armed forces from different parts of the country to chase peaceful protesters. And people’s mentality has changed, as I can see.”

Olga Misik Arrested

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Around 1,000 people, including Olga Misik, were arrested during the demonstration and accused of carrying out an unauthorized demonstration.

Fast Facts You Need to Know

  • Russians took to the streets of Moscow last week to demand fair city elections 
  • Police attacked crowd with batons, and more than 1,000 people were arrested 
  • Olga Misik, a schoolgirl dressed in a bullet-proof vest, sat down in front of the officer and read the constitution in what has become a symbol of resistance 
  • She was later arrested and explained how she was rallying for basic freedoms