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Feared White Flight: Olecia James Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, 10 Facts You Need to Know

Olecia James Wiki

Olecia James is an African-American woman who has sued the Mississippi school district where she attended high school, claiming that a white student was named salutatorian of their high school even though she had a higher GPA.
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Specifically, the Cleveland School District is the defendant in the suit. The school district desegregated in 2017, after a federal judge found that the area was running a “dual system for black and white children,” per The Washington Post. The district then combined the two schools into Cleveland Central High, where James was enrolled. However, when she graduated, she was told by school officials that some of the courses she’d taken at her old, historically black high school had to be weighted down for “quality points.” This suit alleges that students at the historically black college endured this weighting, while students at the historically white college did not.
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To The Washington Post, who first broke the story, the school district’s superintendent had no comment.
James is now a college student at Alcorn State University.

James’ Lawsuit, James v. The Cleveland School District

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James claims in the lawsuit that she learned two weeks before graduation that the school was lowering her grade point average by reducing the quality points from some of the advanced placement courses she had taken at East Side High.

The district uses quality points to measure the demand of certain courses.

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10 Facts You Need to Know

  •  James’ Lawsuit, James v. The Cleveland School District, Is the Second Lawsuit Against the District in Recent Years
  • Sherry Shepard, the mother of African American student Jasmine Shepard, also filed a lawsuit against the school district in 2017
  • James Is Now Studying Mass Communication at Alcorn State University
  •  James Is an ROTC Cadet at Alcorn State
  • James Was Initially Awarded a Scholarship to University of Mississippi; She Lost That Scholarship Due to the ‘Quality Points’
  • James Said on Facebook of the Suit: ‘It’s Bigger Than Me’
  • Olecia James, 18, is suing the Cleveland School District in Mississippi 
  • She claims district officials took away her salutatorian title of Cleveland Central High School because they ‘feared white flight’
  • She transferred to the newly formed Cleveland Central High in 2017 after a judge ruled that the school district was illegally segregating black and white students
  • James said a white male student with a lower GPA was given the salutatorian title instead of her 
  • She said she lost a University of Mississippi scholarship specifically for salutatorians because of the decision

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