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Odessa Tammy Carey, 36, is accused of beating her mother to death at her home in Ashington, Northumberland, before performing the grisly act.

Odessa Carey, 36, beat her mother, also called Odessa Carey, to death at her home then used a knife and scissors to cut off her head, cut a cross shape into her abdomen and removed her brain, it has been claimed.

Newcastle Crown Court heard today that the killer daughter carried the severed head around in a carrier bag and brought it out and kissed it in front of a family friend.

Odessa Carey Murder

Police were called to the North Seaton street on Monday afternoon, where 73-year-old Odessa Carey was found dead in her home.
Shortly after officers arrested a woman in Guide Post on suspicion of murder.
Within hours of the drama unfolding, social media was awash with rumors about the death, prompting a police plea for restraint and respect.
And as Odessa’s home became a crime scene, with forensics officers searching inside, a steady stream of locals traveled to the street to find out what was going on.
A 35-year-old woman, believed to be the alleged victim’s daughter and also called Odessa Carey, has now appeared in court charged with murder.

Odessa Carey Killed Mother

Odessa Carey, 73, whose headless body was discovered at her home in Ashington, Northumberland, with her head found at a separate address under a sink. Her daughter, also named Odessa Carey, 36, has been charged with murder but is too unwell to face trial for a criminal offense

Odessa Tammy Carey Age

She is 36 years old.

Fast Facts You Need to Know

  • Odessa Tammy Carey, 36, is charged with bludgeoning her mother in Ashington  
  • She ‘then defiled her corpse, extracting the brain and slicing a cross on the belly’
  • The deceased’s body was found on her bed and her brain was in the bathroom 
  • Expert findings suggest that Odessa Carey Sr, 73, was beaten with a mallet while laying face down on the bed