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Florida Man Attacks Girl With a Trump Flag: Norbert Logsdon Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Florida Man Attacks Girl With a Trump Flag: Norbert Logsdon Biography, Wiki, Age

Norbert Eugene Logsdon is the Florida man accused of striking a teenage girl with a flagpole during a demonstration in support of President Donald Trump.

According to a video of the incident, Logsdon pushed the pole toward the victim’s vehicle. The girl, who was riding in the passenger seat, was hit in the face and chest, her mother told First Coast News.


The altercation occurred on September 16 in Orange Park, which is a suburb of Jacksonville. Logsdon was arrested later that night and has been charged with serious child abuse, according to the arrest bulletin on the Clay County Sheriff’s Office website. Heavy has contacted the department to obtain a copy of the arrest report.

The altercation occurred along the 300 block of Blanding Boulevard just before 7 p.m. on Sept. 16, according to the Clay County arrest log. The victim’s mother, Crystal Ledoux, told WJAX-TV that she saw a group of people demonstrate in support of President Trump at the intersection of Loch Rane Boulevard.


Ledoux said she was taking her daughter to dinner at Freddy’s. She missed the entrance and claimed that when she made a U-turn in the Wells Fargo parking lot, she saw protesters pulling drivers out of the intersection. Ledoux said she and her 13-year-old daughter reciprocated the hand gesture and yelled “Biden 2020” to the group.


But Ledoux couldn’t get away immediately because there was another car in front of her. She told WJAX-TV that Logsdon approached them with the flagpole and pushed him through the open passenger-side window before he could raise the window.


Her daughter was hit on the right side of the face and chest. According to the arrest report obtained by the television station, the responding officer indicated that “he did observe redness on the victim’s right face.”


According to a national database of inmate records, Logsdon was booked into jail just before 9 p.m. September 16. He retired the following afternoon.


Logsdon has been charged with serious child abuse without causing great bodily harm, according to the Clay County Sheriff’s Office arrest bulletin. According to state law code, “a person who knowingly or intentionally mistreats a child without causing great bodily harm, permanent disability, or permanent disfigurement to the child, commits a felony of the third degree.”


As of this writing, it was not yet clear whether Logsdon had retained an attorney who could comment on the case on his behalf. The case had not yet been included in the Clay County court records.


Logsdon has not spoken publicly since he was released. WJAX-TV reporter Ryan Nelson recorded himself calling Logsdon to ask for his side of the story.


In the clip, Logsdon was heard telling Nelson: “You can speak to my attorney. Bye. “Nelson reported that when he texted Logsdon asking for his attorney’s name, Logsdon replied” Dewey Cheatham and Howe, “but the law firm does not exist.


But Logsdon may have alluded to the case on Facebook. On September 19, he changed his profile picture for a date. He says, “They never want to discuss what caused you. How you reacted. “Several people liked the post, but at the time of writing, no one had commented on it.


Logsdon listed his hometown as Louisville, Kentucky on his Facebook page. Clay County property records show that Logsdon and his family have been living in North Florida for nearly 30 years. Logsdon and his wife, who grew up in the Philippines, have owned their Orange Park home since at least 1993. Logsdon has been a registered Republican in Florida since 1993, voter records show.


Logsdon appears to be a military veteran. His wife explained on her own Facebook page that their twin sons are Marines and that they served in Iraq and Afghanistan. In a photo with his sons in uniform, a friend from Logsdon wrote: “Handsome Marines, all three!”


In addition to the American flag, Logsdon flies the flag of the US Marine Corps outside his home. He has a photo of the two flags as his cover image on Facebook. Photos of Logsdon on Facebook also include one of him wearing a Marine hat along with a James Mattis headshot T-shirt.

Ledoux told First Coast News that the interaction with Logsdon made him “shake” and that his daughter had also been very scared. He said he plans to avoid political demonstrations in the future. “We were so scared that someone would react like that. I saw on social media that people are taking this to extremes, when it comes to supporters of Trump and Biden, because this is not the only incident that I have heard of injuries. “