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Who is Nicole Sirotek Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Net Worth, Instagram, Hidden Facts You Need to Know

Nicole Sirotek Wiki – Nicole Sirotek Biography

Nicole Sirotek is a nurse and works on the frontline at a hospital in New York, which has been the state hardest hit by the pandemic and has so far seen more than 25,000 deaths.
Nicole treating coronavirus in New York has claimed that patients are ‘literally being murdered’ by medical negligence and mismanagement every day, but that ‘nobody cares because they’re all minorities.’
She said, ‘They’re not dying of COVID. Yes people are going to die of COVID, I know this, I’m not like a new grad student. I am literally saying they’re murdering these people.
‘And nobody cares because they’re all minorities and we’re in the f***ing hood and that’s not okay.’

Nicole Sirotek Age

She is 37 years old.

Nicole Sirotek Education and Career

Sirotek has a bachelor’s degree in nursing and is a registered nurse in Nevada. According to the Nevada State Board of Nursing, Sirotek first earned her license in 2010. There are no disciplinary actions listed on her profile. Her current license is set to expire on July 30, at which time it will need to be renewed.

Family Profile

Sirotek has been married since November 2013, according to her husband’s Facebook page, and they have two young children. Her own Facebook account appears to have been either suspended or deleted.

Nicole Sirotek Nurse Allegations Video

Sirotek made her whistleblowing allegations in an emotional video posted on YouTube. Her decision to go public was driven by despair as her attempts to advocate for her patients have all fallen on deaf ears.

She said, ‘What I need is someone to help me save these people from being killed from gross negligence and medical mismanagement, and no-one is listening to me.’
Sirotek was tearful throughout the 24-minute video that has been shared on YouTube. She claimed that when she tried to advocate on behalf of her minority patients, the hospital administration would move her to a different unit and remove specific patients from her care. Sirotek said this happened at two different hospitals in the New York City area but never mentioned the facilities by name. She explained in the video:
I legitimately don’t even know what to do anymore Even the advocacy groups don’t give a sh*t about these people. Literally, black lives don’t matter here. And, I mean, that’s pretty sad that somebody who’s white and lives hundreds of miles away from this city gives more of a sh*t about these people than the actual people in this city.
I had a complete breakdown yesterday because I missed an important email to do a revision on my proposal, so my proposal got canceled because I was trying to advocate for my patient and talk to management here and get the care that he needs because he’s being medically mismanaged. And I just had a complete f*cking breakdown because you know what, my entire proposal got canceled because I wasted my time advocating for a f*cking patient that’s just going to die anyway. And sure enough, they take the patient away from me. And then, almost two hours into the shift, they switch me units. This is exactly what happened at the other hospital when I was advocating for the little Hispanic lady.
According to the New York Health Department, nearly 14,000 people with confirmed COVID-19 cases have died from the virus as of May 6. Another 5,359 who have died were classified as “probable” COVID-19 cases. Data released in mid-April showed that black people were twice as likely to die from the coronavirus as white people in New York City.

Nicole Sirotek Nevada

Sirotek insisted repeatedly during the video that many patients in New York City are dying because of incorrect medical care. She claimed hospital administrations are letting people “rot on the ventilator” without additional remedies.
I know not everybody’s gonna live. I’m not that f*cking green or ignorant or bright-eyed and bushy-tailed to think that. I know we’re going to have a sh*t ton of people die. But these people aren’t dying from COVID.
Sirotek listed several examples she claims to have witnessed.
An anesthesiologist intubated the patient’s … I think it was right bronchi of a patient and they couldn’t get the sats up and for about five hours, we were waiting on a chest x-ray to confirm that the placement was wrong. And in the meantime, while we were waiting for that, we’ve told the anesthesiologist that it was placed wrong, because literally only one side of his f*cking chest was inflating, he dies.
A patient had a heart rate of 40 and the resident starts doing chest compressions on him, which is not what you do. You just externally pace them or you give them some atropine. And then I run in there to stop him from doing chest compressions on somebody with a f*cking pulse. And then he decides to push epi. He throws some pads on him to defibrillate the guy … he has a heart rate of 40 … you just need to give him some atropine and pace him. He f*cking defibrillates him and kills him.
I was literally, ran out of the patient’s room to get the director of nursing, who was standing out there, and I’m like, ‘Can you stop him? He’s going to kill that patient. He’s going to kill that patient if he defibrillates him.’ The director of nursing just shook his head. And I turned around, and he killed the dude.
Sirotek claimed another patient died after a nurse injected him with the wrong type of insulin. She also alleged that a coworker fell asleep at the nurse’s station, missed an alert and that a patient suffered brain damage because of it.

What are you Need to Know about Nicole Sirotek

An ICU nurse in New York City spoke out in a tearful video about the mismanagement and medical negligence at city hospitals
‘They’re not dying of COVID,’ nurse Nicole Sirotek said. ‘I am literally saying they’re murdering these people and nobody cares because they’re all minorities’
Sirotek, 37, told of one patient who died while waiting for an X-ray because her warning that the anesthesiologist had misplaced a ventilator tube was ignored
She described how a resident doctor defibrillated a patient with an already beating heart and a nurse who placed a feeding tube into a patient’s lungs
The mother-of-two from Elko, Nevada was one of hundreds of medics to travel to New York as the virus surged
New York City has been hit the hardest of anywhere in the country with the latest figures quoting 13,724 confirmed COVID-19 deaths and another 5,383 deaths

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