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Nicole Olsen Wiki – Nicole Olsen Biography

Left to die in a dog food bag full of maggots and fleas with her seven siblings, a puppy was adopted by her rescuer.


Nicole Olsen and her daughter Harper found their Kelpie-cross puppies when they heard them descend from a concrete bin at a truck stop between Wigley Flat and Kingston on November 1 in Murray, northeast of Adelaide.


The mother opened the lid and found two 20kg bags of dog food stacked one on top of the other with coat hanger wire wrapped around zippered locks to seal sick dogs inside.


After six surviving puppies were rehabilitated for five weeks by RSPCA volunteers, the Olsen family this week decided to adopt Angel, who was unlike their siblings in red color.


She was the smallest and seemed to struggle a lot, so we all had a soft spot for her, Ms. Olsen said, adding that she still regrets someone leaving the cubs to die.


The kids wanted to adopt all six babies, which of course was impractical, but we thought it was good to adopt at least one of them so that our kids could take care of it and enjoy the happy ending in such a sad way. status.’


Angel will now live with Ms. Olsen, her partner Michael, her daughter Harper and the 10-year-old poodle Harvey, who loves other dogs in the family.


In the days when the family was at work and school, the puppy was staying with her mother-in-law, Mary, who lives nearby.


‘Angel won’t be much lonely,’ said Ms. Olsen.


“We are all determined to give Angel the best life a dog can have – we’re happy to have him.”


All six dogs that survived are now adopted.


When puppies were found, the temperature was 25C, which made the concrete and metal drum a hellish furnace for distressed puppies.


Unlike humans, dogs cannot sweat with their skin and rely on breathing and radiating heat through their paw pads and nose to regulate their body temperature and keep them cool.


It’s almost impossible to cool off for a puppy trapped in bags of dog food in a hot metal box with seven others.


Miss Olsen was returning to her home in Gawler from a family event in Renmark and sought family members in the other two cars to rescue the cubs.


Family members split the puppies between three vehicles, and the two sickest dogs were wrapped in a towel and rubbed to keep them conscious.


After returning home in Gawler, RSPCA South Australia, he collected the puppies and took them to a veterinary clinic.


However, one of the seriously ill puppies died in transit, and the other dog under the bag was euthanized because it went too far.


The remaining six cubs, three females and three males, were infested with fleas and dehydrated.


“This event coincides with the apex of the insensitive treatment of animals,” said Andrea Lewis, RSPCA Chief Inspector for South Australia.


‘These pups were found purely by chance and we have no idea how long they have been there,’ he said.


Whoever did this, you have to assume that he didn’t want these pups to survive, because that person not only left them somewhere far away, but also put these young animals in tightly secured bags and then closed the litter box. .


“Beggars truly believe that anyone can do this to eight vulnerable puppies, and we invite any person who may be responsible for us to come forward.”


Abandoning an animal is a crime under the SA’s Animal Protection Act, and anyone convicted faces up to two years in prison or a $ 20,000 fine.


However, a conviction can lead to higher sentences due to the aggravated circumstances that caused two of the puppies to die.