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mad Wiki: Nicolás Maduro Moros born 23 November 1962 is a Venezuelan politician who has served as the 46th President of Venezuela since 2013 and previously served as Minister of Foreign Affairs from 2006 to 2013 and as Vice President of Venezuela from 2012 to 2013 under President Hugo Chávez.

Born: November 23, 1962 (age 56 years), Caracas, Venezuela
Height: 1.9 m
Presidential term: April 19, 2013 –
Party: United Socialist Party of Venezuela
Spouse: Cilia Flores (m. 2013), Cilia Flores (m. ?–2013)
Previous offices: Acting President of Venezuela (2013–2013),

Nicolás Maduro Bio Family and background

Nicolás Maduro Moros was born on 23 November 1962 in Caracas, Venezuela, into a working-class family. His father, Nicolás Maduro García, who was a prominent trade union leader, died in a motor vehicle accident on 22 April 1989. His mother, Teresa de Jesús Moros, was born in Cúcuta, a Colombian border town at the boundary with Venezuela on “the 1st of June of 1929, as it appears in the National Registry of Colombia”.

Nicolás Maduro was raised as a Roman Catholic, although in 2012 it was reported that he was a follower of Indian guru Sathya Sai Baba and previously visited the guru in India in 2005.

Racially, Nicolás Maduro has indicated that he identifies as mestizo, stating that he includes as a part of his mestizaje (“racial mixture”) admixture from the Indigenous peoples of the Americas and Africans. He stated in a 2013 interview that “my grandparents were Jewish, from a Sephardic Moorish background, and converted to Catholicism in Venezuela”.

Officially, Nicolás Maduro was born into a leftist family, with his father being a union leader and “militant dreamer of the Movimiento Electoral del Pueblo (MEP)”. Nicolás Maduro was raised in Calle 14, a street in Los Jardines, El Valle, a working-class neighborhood on the western outskirts of Caracas. The only male of four siblings, he had “three sisters, María Teresa, Josefina, and Anita”.

Nicolás Maduro Biography and Family

Nicolás Maduro has been married twice. His first marriage was to Adriana Guerra Angulo, with whom he had his only son, Nicolás Maduro Guerra. Maduro Guerra, also known as “Nicolasito”, was appointed to several senior government posts: Chief of the Presidency’s Special Inspectors Body, head of the National Film School, and a seat in the National Assembly.

He later married Cilia Flores, a lawyer, and politician who replaced Nicolás Maduro as President of the National Assembly in August 2006, when he resigned to become Minister of Foreign Affairs, becoming the first woman to serve as President of the National Assembly. The two had been in a romantic relationship since the 1990s when Flores was Hugo Chávez’s lawyer following the 1992 Venezuelan coup d’état attempts and were married in July 2013 months after Nicolás Maduro became president. While they have no children together, Nicolás Maduro has three step-children from his wife’s first marriage to Walter Ramón Gavidia; Walter Jacob, Yoswel, and Yosser.

Nicolás Maduro Latest Protest News

Several thousand are assembling crosswise over Venezuela to walk in a challenge against President Nicolás Maduro.

Four individuals are said to have kicked the bucket in conflicts before the dissents, as uproar police activate to protect demonstrators.

National Assembly president Juan Guaidó, who composed the resistance walk, is encouraging the military to resist the legislature.

On Wednesday he promised where he pronounced himself as “acting president” of the nation.

Prior to the dissents, the US government flagged its help for Mr. Guaidó and called for President Nicolás Maduro to go.

Early pictures from Wednesday’s challenges demonstrate a few demonstrators going head to head against National Guard security powers in the capital Caracas, and nerve gas being let go.

Hostile to government protestors have turned up in “numerous urban areas” the nation over, paper Tal Cual detailed Wednesday.

Different exhibits are being held in the help of Mr. Nicolás Maduro.

Why are people protesting?

Venezuela has been in financial freefall for various years under the president’s administration.

Hyperinflation and key deficiencies, including of nourishment, has constrained millions out of the nation.

Since taking office in 2013, Mr. Nicolás Maduro has been denounced at home and abroad for supposed human rights mishandles and for his treatment of the economy.

Government officials dismissed it as a cover to steal weapons, but Mr. Guaidó has urged others to follow in revolt.

Addressing soldiers on Monday, Mr. Guaidó promised amnesty for those who refused to serve the government.

“We’re not asking you to launch a coup d’état, we’re not asking you to shoot,” he said. “We’re asking you not to shoot at us.”

On Wednesday the Congress leader tweeted (in Spanish): “Venezuela is reborn today in the streets in search of freedom and democracy”

Overnight protestors in the southern city of Puerto Ordaz reportedly toppled a statue of late socialist leader Hugo Chavez – a symbolic gesture against Mr. Nicolás Maduro‘s government.

A 16-year-old with gunshot injuries was reportedly among those killed overnight on Tuesday, rights group the Venezuelan Observatory of Social Conflict says.

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