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Nick Sandmann Biography

Nick Sandmann Biography

Nicholas Sandmann is a senior student attending Covington Catholic High School. In January 2019, a video of Nicholas and Nathan Phillips, a Native American veteran who went viral on social media. Sandmann’s team of lawyers also filed massive lawsuits against CNN and NBC Universal because they were filed against teenagers. On Sunday, January 20th, 2019, Nicholas publicly stated that the video footage strongly contradicts veteran Nathan Phillips’ claim that Covington Catholic High School boys harassed him.

Nick Sandmann Wiki, Bio

Nicholas Sandman (* 2002) is an American student and a controversial person from Kentucky, USA. UU. On January 18, 2019, a video filmed at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC, went viral on the Internet. Nicholas was the main focus in the viral video. In addition, the student participated with his classmates in the annual March for life.

In the video, Nathan Phillips (Native American activist) harassed a group of 50 to 60 high school children. In addition, the students of the Catholic School in Covington attended the anti-abortion march for life. Later, Philips approached them and began to sing the AIM song (a traditional Native American powwow song).

Covington Catholic High School Student Controversy

Nicholas Sandman stepped forward and stood a few inches from Philip’s face. In fact, other students have made and danced “tomahawk chops.” The students also wore red caps labeled “Make America Great Again” to annoy Nathan.

The CovCath communications director posted an explanation shortly after the video went viral. He regretted that the incident took place. Later, on January 19, 2019, Nicholas issued a statement. He said the students clashed with 4 members of the Hebrew black Israelite movement.

According to Nathan, many of Sandman’s classmates wore Pro-Trump MAGA equipment. His classmate surrounded him and laughed at him, while Nicholas stood in front of the activist’s face.

Nicholas’s behavior was heavily criticized by the media. Sandman’s family said the media were supporters and only showed one side of the story.

Nicholas Sandmann Statement

Sandman is the white teenager of the Catholic school in Kentucky with a Make America Great Again. He is seen mocking an elderly Native American, Vietnam veteran Nathan Phillips, while surrounded by classmates who laugh and make fun. Many of his classmates also used Pro-Trump MAGA equipment.

Nicholas Sandman issued a statement about his participation in the incident at the Lincoln Memorial on Friday, January 18, 2019.

The teenager was named on social networks on Saturday, January 20, but it was not until this recently published statement that his identity was confirmed.

Nick Sandman begins his statement by saying: “I am the student the Indian protester faced.”

In his testimony, Sandman continues by saying that he and other Catholic students from Covington met the black Hebrew Israelites, who appeared in thirds or four in countless videos in front of the Lincoln Memorial. The group had shouted out loud their rhetoric, which included the denunciation of the Native Americans on the occasion of the March for the Day of the indigenous peoples.

Sandman further states that he and other Covington students shouted insults and “hateful things” when they met the group, including, as the video says, “incest babies.”

Sandman says a student asked the adults in the school group if they could sing their “fight song to counteract the odious things” that were directed against them. As the video shows, a boy who had permission to undress and pack his chest began when the rest of the students started singing. Sandman knows that the students would not have done it without adult permission.

Sandman states that he or a student at Covington “has never built the wall” at any time, claiming that Nathan Phillips, whom he does not name, is more likely to refer to the man than “the protester they all saw in the video.” the crowd rushed to “When the road for him” broke away and “closed his eyes” it was with Sandman, who says he remained motionless.

“I didn’t see anyone trying to block his path. He looked at me and approached me, a few inches from my face. He touched his drums all the time he was in my face.

I never interacted with this protester. I did not speak to him. I didn’t make hand gestures or other aggressive movements. I was surprised and confused as to why he approached me. Another group of protesters had already shouted at us, and when the second group approached, I was worried that a situation would get out of control, where adults tried to provoke teenagers.

He believed that by staying still and calm, he helped dissipate the situation. I realized that everyone had a camera and that maybe a group of adults was trying to get a group of teenagers into a bigger conflict. I said a silent prayer so that the situation would not get out of control. ”

Sandman goes on to say that he is called a racist, which he denies, that he received death threats and involved his family in the situation. He says he is a good and practicing Catholic who gets good grades.

“I have received physical and fatal threats through social networks and hate insults. One person threatened to harm me at school and one person claimed that I lived in my neighborhood. My parents are suffering death and career threats due to a multitude of social networks that have been formed in relation to this topic. “You can read his detailed explanation below and the full video of the incident.

Nicholas Sandmann Lawsuit

A federal judge in Kentucky once again opened a $ 250 million libel lawsuit against the Washington Post by Catholic student Nick Sandman after firing them the previous summer.

“After considering an amended complaint, Judge William Bertelsman on Monday ordered the case to enter the discovery phase and, therefore, part of the lawsuit against the newspaper could continue.”

The lawsuit is admissible, but its scope was limited after the judge determined that 30 of the 33 statements that Sandmann’s lawyers had declared defamatory were not really defamatory.

The investigator added: “The judge’s order for the investigation to continue may mean that Sandman’s team of lawyers can request internal documents from the Washington Post about events such as emails and communications between editors and reporters.”

“The court will comply with its previous judgments related to these statements, except for statements 10, 11 and 33, provided that these three statements state that the plaintiff” blocks “Nathan Phillips and does not allow him to withdraw.” “Judge Bertelsman said Monday, according to the Washington Times.

“Suffice it to say that the Court carefully examined this matter and concluded that” justice requires that discoveries be made in relation to these statements and their context, “Bertelsman added.” The Court will review it later in a summary trial. ”

Wood wrote on Twitter: “In preparation for today’s Los Angeles hearing at Vernon Unsworth against Elon Musk, KY affirms my belief in a whole race that our justice system works. Nicholas Sandman won the day in court against the WaPo. Now he will. ”

Sandmann’s team of lawyers also filed massive lawsuits against CNN and NBC Universal because they were filed against teenagers.

Fox News reported on March 12 that “the lawsuit, filed shortly after 3:00 p.m. M., alleged that CNN raised” false and horrible accusations of racist behavior “against Sandman instead of” well-established journalistic standards and ethics. “.

The Washington Times reported on May 1 that Sandman’s lawyers filed a $ 275 million lawsuit against NBC Universal on Wednesday for reporting on the Kentucky teenager.

Nicholas Sandmann Twitter

Nicholas Sandmann has a Twitter account which he has since made private.