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Nick Martin Wiki – Nick Martin Biography

A bikie boss, shot dead in front of frightened spectators, revealed that he knew his wife died as he took his last breath in his arms, his heartbroken partner.


Nick Martin was shot from behind by an unknown assassin while watching the Outlaw Nitro Challenge drag race at Kwinana Beach, Perth Motorplex at 8:30 pm on Saturday.


The 51-year-old Rebels Outlaw Motorcycle Gang boss died on the scene in front of the horrified families and children as his wife brutally tried to keep him awake.


Amanda Martin told The West Australian on Monday: ‘She raised her arms and said’ baby, I’m shot ‘.


Mrs. Martin said that she immediately realized that she hadn’t left already and that she just dragged her on her and did her best to calm her down in the last moments.


“I was kissing her and trying to give her CPR but she never opened her eyes again, she was already gone,” she said.


He said that even though the crowd understood something was wrong, it took the public a few minutes to understand what was happening.


Due to the loud noise on the racetrack, many people missed the firearm sound and some assumed Martin had a heart attack.


Only fear arose when Mrs. Martin raised her bloody hands.


Stacey Schoppe, daughter and stepdaughter of Martin, was only centimeters from the chaos and was nursing a friend’s little son after being shot.


He didn’t immediately understand what was happening, either, until he saw that his boyfriend, Ricky Chapman, a former Bandido cyclist, was also shot.


He received minor injuries to his arm and leg.


Meanwhile, Martin was having trouble breathing. His wife said he heard him take a few short, sharp breaths just before he died.


“He didn’t suffer at all,” he said.


The 51-year-old was taken to Rockingham Hospital after paramedics spent 50 minutes to reenact him at the scene.


But Mrs. Martin said she knew she was already gone.


Despite the uncertainties surrounding her death, the mother of three said she did not feel safe or at risk.


Instead, she thinks that the person who wanted her husband dead has since ‘got what they want’ and therefore will not bother her family any more.


Also strict rival bikie clubs of the Mongols and the Expendables that have nothing to do with the shooting.


Australia’s foremost bikie expert said a professional sniper was called in to execute the Rebels boss.


Mark Lauchs, a professor of criminology at Queensland University of Technology, an expert on rogue motorcycle gangs, said that if the shot was taken from a distance, motorcycles were typically made by a professional sniper, as they typically lacked great marksmanship skills.


“If it’s coming a long way, I can assume it’s not about cycling because bikes don’t do things that way,” he told Daily Mail Australia on Monday.


“It can be associated with things other than a bike fight.”


Professor Lauchs said that such a deliberate execution would be more about organized crime than an inter-club bikie battle or an in-club dispute.


He said that bicycles typically involve more intimidation, brute force, and overt violence, such as driving and hitting.


Big rogue motorcycle clubs said that even if the club itself was not an organized crime group, it was often individuals involved in organized crime.


If they normally set out to kill … it’s associated with organized crime.


Western Australia Deputy State Crime Commissioner Brad Royce said at a news conference Monday afternoon that although the police had looked at a number of places, he was not yet sure where the fire was coming from.


It’s too early, he said.


He said that forensic and ballistic studies should be done in order for the police to give precise information about the place where he was shot.


Deputy Commissioner Royce also did not explain what the possible distance between the shooter and the target was.


‘It could be from anywhere – we don’t know yet, it’s very hard to put anything for sure,’ he said.


However, Ms. Martin said the police had since told her that they had determined where the footage was coming from.


Deputy Commissioner Royce said the police could not come to this conclusion on whether it was more likely to be a professional hit when taken from a longer distance.


‘Anyone who isn’t worried about collateral damage can get a long shot – so only one killer won’t worry about families sitting right in the area,’ he said.


The Deputy Commissioner said that everyone was at risk of random bikie gang violence.


A five-year-old boy who was recently sitting on his parent’s lap was also injured during the shooting and was treated by paramedics for a minor injury.

‘You can see from what happened on Saturday night the disregard for the rest of the community. They don’t keep it to themselves, they do get out in public, it does cause families to have to look over their shoulder.’

Terrified parents said they tried to protect their children following the commotion on Saturday after the public murder in the spectator stands.

‘I was sitting with my daughter … and we heard gunshots, then people screaming, ‘He’s been shot. He’s been shot’,’ one person told The West Australian.

Another parent added: ‘While we were waiting to leave we could see an ambulance officer do CPR on a body lying on the ground.’

‘My kids could see everything and they are still very shaken about this,’ she said.

Assistant Commissioner Royce said more than 6,500 officers would be taking the fight to the bikie gangs immediately as their highest priority.

‘We’re going to take it on,’ he said.

Specialist gang crime squad officers have now raided the clubhouses of the Hells Angels and Mongols as well as the home of a known Mongols associate in Shoalwater, south Perth.

At the Shoalwater home they allegedly seized four rifles, two silencers, ammunition and a shotgun along with cannabis plants.

Police charged a 71-year-old Mongols associate with unlicensed possession of firearms, two counts of possessing a silencer, unlicensed possession of ammunition and cultivate a prohibited plant, ABC News reported.

The man is due to appear in Rockingham Magistrates’ Court next Monday.

At the Hells Angels clubhouse, police allegedly found weapons and medications.

Professor Lauchs said an extended bikie war had unfolded all over Australia during the last 20 years, flaring as gangs moved out of states with tough laws to easier jurisdictions.

As the hunt for the gunman continues, Martin’s grieving family has hit back at claims by WA Police Commissioner Chris Dawson he had recently ‘lost his status’ in the Rebels bikie gang.

His daughter Tia Martin, 22, insists he wasn’t stood down by the club but confirmed he was legally barred from communicating with Rebels members and ‘would have gone to jail’ if he was caught associating with them due to an ongoing court case.

‘He was on charges and was on non-association and was not able
to talk to anyone in the club in months,’ Ms Martin told The West Australian.

‘(His assassination) definitely did not come from within the club.

‘We are family.’

Rebels club members supported Ms Martin at the family home on Monday after her husband’s death, and have reportedly been pillars of support for her.

It is not yet clear who will fill the role of heading up the club, but they are all ‘pitching in’ to do what they can in the interim, she explained.

Reports, denied by his daughter, suggested his shooting was in retaliation for alleged problems he had in the club.

Daily Mail Australia is not suggesting any associate of Mr Martin’s was responsible for his death.

Prior to his death, Martin was a well-known identity in the Perth underworld and had survived a series of attacks.

He was shot in the arm while arriving at his Balcatta home, in Perth’s northern suburbs, in March 2011.

At the time the Rebels were locked in a feud with the Rock Machine Gang and its member Benjamin Spikes was convicted over the shooting.

One year later Martin’s Balcatta home was the target of another attack and his car was firebombed.

Ms Martin paid tribute on Sunday by replacing her Facebook profile photo with one of her late husband, which was inundated with comments from shocked friends.

His devastated step-daughter also posted a heartfelt tribute.

‘I tried, we tried so hard to keep you alive dad,’ Ms Schoppe posted to social media.

‘This is one of the most heartbreaking traumatic experiences I’ve ever witnessed. To my mother, be strong we will get through this. I’m sending love to his immediate family and friends.’