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Who is Nicholas Arnold Schock (Viral Video) White Supremacist Viciously Punches Woman in Hateful Rant

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Nicholas Arnold Schock was filmed attacking a woman while going on a rant about President Donald Trump. He was arrested Nokomis, Florida, on Friday
The incident was caught in a widely shared online video, and 36-year-old Nicholas Arnold Schock showed half naked with his shorts falling as he shouted angrily. Law & Crime stated in the first news about the incident that the video was shot in Nokomis, Florida, in Sarasota County.
When the comment was reached, the Sarasota County Sheriff’s office told Newsweek that there was no more information about the arrest beyond the Affidavit (PCA) Possible Cause that his office emailed.
Confirmation announced that Schock was detained at Pop’s Sunset Grill and began to swear and began to take off his clothes. It was reported that he had uncovered part of the groin area and shouted about “Aryan brotherhood and white superiority” when the police arrived. The witness told police that Schock threatened to kill “everyone in the establishment” and claimed that he killed “n ******”.
Public records on the county sheriff’s website showed that Wachula resident Schock was arrested on Friday because of the “battery” and “peace-breaking” described as “touch or strike”. The bond is set at $ 620 and the allocation date will be on August 24.
Facebook user Shelley Troyer shared several videos of the event for the first time on her Friday afternoon profile. The clips were later published on Twitter. Although it is unclear how the event started, Schock is faced by several people half naked. He tells them to “call Donald Trump”.
“I’m a white supremacist,” says the white man in the video. “Aryan nation will rule the world!” he adds. “People covered with tattoos will be my closest relatives, I promise you.”
A Witness complains about their child’s existence, but the man replied with a blasphemy saying “I don’t give a f ***”, stating that they should “call” Trump. He then threatens sexual assault on an unidentified woman before physically attacking her.

Nicholas Arnold Schock Video Goes viral on social media

The video was first shared by Facebook user Shelley Troyer, who said Pop was enjoying the day at Sunset Grill. “So we’re sitting here, watching the boats go Pop on a beautiful Friday afternoon … WOW … Thank God I got it on the video!” Wrote.

“If you don’t know Donald Trump, I’m not going nowhere. I will butt-f*** this bitch on the table right now,” he can be heard saying. As the woman stands in front of him, confronting him, he then slaps her hard across the face.
A group of men grab the man and wrestle him to the ground. After he is on the ground in a chokehold by another unidentified man in a cyan-colored shirt, Schock appears to pass out.
Schock is not the first Trump supporter in Florida to identify with white supremacy in a viral video clip. Trump on June 28 retweeted a clip of Trump supporters at The Villages, a retirement community in Sumter County, riding in a golf cart decked out with “Trump 2020” and “Make America Great Again” signs. A man on the cart can be seen pumping his fist and saying “white power” as critics of the president yell “racist” at the supporters.
The president later deleted his retweet and said that he was unaware of the man saying “white power” in the video. In Trump’s original retweet he wrote: “Thank you to the great people of The Villages. The Radical Left Do Nothing Democrats will Fall in the Fall. Corrupt Joe is shot. See you soon!!!”
Trump formally became a resident of Florida last year, after he transferred his residency from the state of his birth, New York. The president routinely travels to his Mar-A-Lago Resort in the state, and regularly plays rounds of golf at his golf course nearby.