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Who is Nevan Baker (Black Man Found Hanging) Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Instagram, Twitter, Unknown FACTS YOU NEED TO KNOW

Nevan Baker (Black Man Found Hanging) Wiki

Nevan Baker (Black Man Found Hanging) Wiki – Nevan Baker (Black Man Found Hanging) Biography

Nevan Baker is the young Black man who was pronounced dead after he was found hanging from a tree in a park in Orlando, Florida. According to the obituary, Baker died on October 5. He was just 22 years old.
The Orlando Police Department ruled Baker’s death a suicide. But Baker’s family has argued that certain details do not add up and they are calling for the department to reopen the investigation.

UPDATE: Please see the statement below from the Orlando Police Department:
“We have seen social media posts regarding a…

Posted by Orlando Police Department on Friday, October 9, 2020

A man walking his dog found Baker dangling from a rope that had been suspended from a tree in Orlando’s Barker Park. The witness saw Baker’s body around 3:45 a.m. The Orlando Sentinel, citing a police document, reported that Baker was found on Sunday, October 4. But the obituary and a GoFundMe campaign launched by Baker’s sister indicate that Baker died on October 5. Heavy has reached out to Orlando police for clarification.
The medical examiner ruled that Baker’s death was a suicide. The autopsy has not been made public. Heavy emailed the Orange County Medical Examiner’s Office to ask if the report will be made public and requested a copy.
On October 9, Orlando police released a statement regarding Baker’s death without identifying him by name:

We have seen posts on social media about a man who was found deceased in Barker Park. This is a tragic suicide case, and it is difficult for investigators to discuss the details publicly, out of respect for the privacy of the victim and his family.
Officials have exhausted all clues and, at this time, there is no evidence of foul play or any form of physical fighting. The coroner also investigated and qualified the cause of death as suicide. Our detectives continue to support the victim’s family where they can. We keep the victim, his family and friends in our thoughts during this difficult time.
Heavy contacted the Orlando Police Public Information Officer to obtain a copy of the case report and asked for more details on how the department concluded that Baker’s death was a suicide. We also asked about the autopsy report and if the department had a response to the family’s insistence that Baker would not have committed suicide. This post will be updated once we have news.
Baker’s mother, Sharhonda James, told the Orlando Sentinel that she noticed injuries to her son’s face when she saw his body in the morgue. James explained to reporter Grace Toohey that Baker’s jaw was out of place, her nose was swollen and she had “lumps on her forehead.” James added that she has asked Orlando police to show her photos of the park, but that her request has not yet been granted.
James told the newspaper that she does not believe her son committed suicide. “I am not done with this situation; it’s just beginning, “James said.” My son didn’t hang himself. I know my son. ”
A woman who identified herself as Baker’s cousin also spoke about Baker’s alleged injuries on social media. She wrote on Twitter that Baker had been beaten “beyond recognition.” She also accused the police department of closing the case “without doing any investigation.” She described Baker in a follow-up tweet on October 11: “My 22-year-old cousin Nevan Baker, with his life ahead of him, was planning to go to the military, who turned his life in God, who had a good heart was found. beaten. and hung from a tree. OPD ruled it a suicide. ”
The hashtag “Justice for Nevan” has been a gathering place for people to debate the case on Twitter. The idea that Baker might have had his hands pinned behind his back steamed the thread. Twitter user @MandaMillions wrote on October 8: “Nevan Baker, 22, was found hanging from a tree Tuesday night at Barkers Park in ORLANDO. @OrlandoPolice immediately ruled it a suicide despite having his hands tied behind his back, bruises on his face and missing teeth. We need fucking answers. ”

The Orlando Police Department has not publicly addressed the allegation that Baker may have been beaten prior to his death. The police statement issued on October 9 did not include any specific details about the condition of Baker’s body when it was found. The department only stated that “there was no evidence of foul play or any form of physical fighting.” Heavy has requested a copy of the case report.
Baker’s sister, Jamia Douglas, launched a GoFundMe campaign to help the family cover the costs of the funeral. As of this writing, the page had raised over $ 7,600. Douglas described her brother as a “good boy” who had given “her life to Christ.” She said she had planned to become an electrician. She added that Baker’s unexpected death had “left my family with many unanswered questions behind her murder.”

Supporters have taken to social media to encourage community members to call the Orlando Police Department about Baker’s death. On the #JusticeForNevan Twitter thread, commenters are sharing the department’s phone number and asking supporters to demand the investigation be reopened and that officials release photos from the scene.
Baker’s death is one of several recent cases that have sparked alarm. There have been multiple cases, that were officially ruled suicides, of Black men found hanging from trees. In California, Robert Fuller and Malcolm Harsch died 10 days apart back in June. Both cases were ruled as suicides but both families demanded officials further investigate the deaths. The Associated Press reported that federal officials, including agents from the FBI and the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division, were also reviewing the investigations.

Also in June, Bronx native Dominique Alexander’s death was ruled a suicide after he was found hanging from a tree in Fort Tyron Park in Manhattan, Revolt TV reported. In Spring, Texas, a Black teenager was found hanging in an elementary school parking lot in mid-June. Officials said there was no sign of foul play, Newsweek reported.
The hangings created concern about whether the deaths could have been the result of targeted lynchings rather than suicides. Howard University history professor Thomas Foster told the Washington Post, “The numerous accounts of a deceased black man found hanging in a tree are a horrific reminder of our country’s history. We are in a moment with parallels to the era of lynching that should cause us great suspicion of any rush to label the cases as suicide.”