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Who is Neil Broussard (Murder Kidnapping Suspect) Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Net Worth, Instagram

Neil Broussard (Murder Kidnapping Suspect) Wiki – Neil Broussard (Murder Kidnapping Suspect) Biography

Neil P. Broussard was detained in Ragley without incident after officials said he had entered a Dollar General store and was recognized by his employees.
Two Louisiana Dollar General Store employees are being hailed as heroes after they recognized a murder and kidnapping suspect and quietly escorted customers out before locking the wanted man in the store.
The manhunt for a Calcasieu Parish man accused in a double homicide and the kidnapping of a 14-year-old girl ended Thursday morning with his surrender in Beauregard Parish, authorities said.
After Calcasieu Parish Sheriff Tony Mancuso got to know Broussard, employees Tiffany Cook and Sallye Salter quietly escorted customers from the store and locked the door behind them to snatch Broussard simultaneously with law enforcement officers nearby.
After the two youngsters were shot and killed and one-third kidnapped in Westlake early Wednesday morning, about the Neil Broussard published a “BOLO” (“Be Careful”). the mother of the kidnapped girl – was injured in the shot.
Shortly after BOLO, the Beauregard Parish Sheriff’s Office received a call saying that a girl matching the definition of the missing teenager was seen at Ragley. Lawmakers and police officers left the area looking for Broussard.
The car that Boussard drove was located in Ragley, and a witness reported that he had seen someone who followed his description, but according to the American Press, lawmakers were unable to keep an eye on him. The search continued on Wednesday and throughout the night.
Beauregard Parish Sheriff Mark Herford described the night as “a night full of worry and anxiety about what will happen.”
Then, Thursday morning lawmakers received a phone call from Dollar General Store employees Tiffany Cook and Sallye Salter, who said Broussard was locked in their stores. “We were so close that we got there in a few seconds and we were able to catch it without incident,” Calcasieu Parish Sheriff Tony Mancuso told the American Press.
“They both exemplified big characters in a high-pressure state,” Herford said.
After a press conference explaining the arrest, Herford and Mancuso went to the store to personally thank Cook and Salter.
Broussard is a registered sex offender and was convicted of molestation of a juvenile in 2005 and two counts of molestation of a juvenile in 2011.
At the time the murders were committed, Sheriff Mancuso said his office had an active $2 million warrant issued for his arrest for first-degree rape and molestation of a juvenile.
Another arrest was made Wednesday evening, however Sheriff Mancuso declined to release details of that arrest on Thursday. He did allude to the fact that Broussard may have had assistance in his evasion of deputies while in the Ragley area, but refused to elaborate.
“It’s very, very important to this case that we not talk about that right now” Mancuso stated.
The weapon allegedly used by Broussard in the homicides has yet to be found, and Mancuso said deputies will remain in the Ragley area to conduct searches for it and any other evidence that may be in the area.
Police identified the victims as 17-year-old Kyla Hidalgo and Kaleb T. Carlton, who was found dead in his home in Westlake. Catherine Hidalgo, 40, was seriously injured but was able to recognize Broussard as a shooter. He told the police that he had stolen Broussard’s car and took his 14-year-old daughter with him when he ran away
Calcasieu officials said on Thursday that 41-year-old Broussard’s wife, Tori L. Broussard, was arrested on Wednesday night and was arrested with accessories after having a first-degree rape and accessory after the fact that a child was being abused. He is the chief researcher of the Calcasieu Public Advocates Office. Office president Harry Fontenot told KPLC that he was on administrative leave for further investigation.