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Nayib Armando Bukele Ortez born July 24, 1981, is a Salvadoran politician and businessman. He was elected as Mayor of Nuevo Cuscatlán on 11 March 2012. He was also elected as mayor of San Salvador on March 1, 2015, and took office on May 1, 2015. Both public offices have been elected under the banner of the party Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front.

Early Biography Nayib Bukele

Nayib Bukele was born on July 24, 1981, in San Salvador. He is the son of Olga Ortez de Bukele and Armando Bukele Kattán, a renowned businessman and local imam. At a very young age, Najib was recognized for his skills and spirit of entrepreneurship. At just 18, he already ran a company. According to an article in the digital newspaper El Faro, Nayib Bukele is the owner of Yamaha Motors El Salvador, a company that sells and distributes Yamaha products in El Salvador. He was also the Director & President of OBERMAN, S.A. DE C.V.

Mayor of Nuevo Cuscatlán Nayib Bukele

On March 11, 2012, he was elected on behalf of a coalition of the FMLN with 2754 votes (49.72%) and CD 108 votes (1.95%).  Making a total of 2862 votes (50.68%) taking the mayoralty from the ARENA party, which also won 2585 votes (46.67%). He took office on May 1, 2012.

Nayib Bukele Mayor of San Salvador

In the municipal elections of 2015, he won the mayoralty of San Salvador, the capital city of El Salvador, representing a coalition of the FMLN in coalition with the PSP, obtaining 89,164 votes (50.37% of total). His main challenger, the businessman and former deputy Edwin Zamora, ARENA, won 82,288 votes (46.49%). The latter party had controlled the city during the previous six years. Nayib Bukele took office on May 1, 2015.

Nayib Bukele victory in the Election 2019

San Salvador, El Salvador– Nayib Bukele has declared victory in El Salvador’s presidential elections after preliminary results showed him defeating the candidates of the two traditional parties that have long dominated the country’s polarised politics.

“At this moment, we can announce with complete certainty that we have won the presidency of El Salvador in the first round,” the 37-year-old, a former San Salvador mayor, told a press conference on Sunday evening.

“We made history,” added Bukele, calling supporters to celebrate in Morazan Plaza in San Salvador’s historic center, one of the flagship revitalization projects during his tenure as mayor of the capital.

also 80 percent of votes counted, Bukele was leading the race with 53.4 percent, exceeding the 50 percent threshold required to avoid a runoff.

His main rival, Carlos Calleja, of the conservative Nation Republican Alliance (ARENA), was second with 31.8 percent.

Ex-Foreign Minister Hugo Martinez, of the ruling left-wing Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front (FMLN), trailed in at third place with 14 percent.

The new president will take office on June 1 for a five-year term.

Raquel Caballero, the human rights ombudswoman. Al Jazeera that voting was smooth. “In general terms, the electoral process was carried out without incident,” she said.

But Julio Olivo Granadino, the president of the electoral commission. Reporters that a press conference held by Bukele two hours before the closing of the polls, in which he urged voters to cast their ballots. Marked a “clear” election campaigning violation.