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National cat day 2018 What Can I do

National cat day 2018

National cat day 2018 : So what is it? Are you a cat person or dog person? That’s probably one of the most controversial questions you can ask someone. That probably explains why cats have an entire day all to themselves!


National Cat Day was created in 2005 by Colleen Paige in an effort to raise awareness of the number of suffering cats that need care and homes. It also encourages pet owners to not take their cats for granted and shower them with affection and love! This wonderful day is held on October 29th


If you’re a huge cat lover then you definitely know about this day and what’s more you’ll know what the day stands for:

  • Cats should be part of a household forever and cared for properly
  • Cats should be adopted, not shopped
  • Cats should be ‘done’ to improve their health
  • Cats should only be adopted if you can care for him/her properly

What Can I do?

If you’re a big cat lover (and we assume you are as you’re reading this article) then you’ll want to join in on this day. There are plenty of things you can do from spoiling your cat with a new toy and fuss to giving her delicious food she’ll appreciate. You can even donate to the local animal shelter.

National cat day 2018

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