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Who is Natasha Reddican Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & More Facts

Natasha Reddican Wiki – Natasha Reddican Biography

After a television producer on ITV’s The Jeremy Kyle Show struggled to find a job when the show ended, he heard an investigation.


Natasha Reddican, 31, who has been a producer on the show for six years, drank a ‘substantial’ amount of alcohol and then killed herself when a scheduled job interview didn’t take place online.


She was found by her boyfriend when she returned from work to their home in Salford, Greater Manchester, on February 27, and later announced that she died by paramedics.


Reddican lost his job along with others on the show following the suspected suicide of guest Steve Dymond, who died of a drug overdose after debuting on the show in May 2019.


Her mother, Laraine Law, said in an investigation in Bolton that her daughter’s job was ‘everything for her’.


She said: ‘She collapsed and became depressed so that this could be taken from her so suddenly and unexpectedly. I think that really impressed him. ‘


She said that Miss Reddican, known by her family and friends as Tash, has a ‘surprising, bubbly personality’ but added: ‘Sometimes she would drink when you’re a little down or a little down … and then you see that vulnerable side. ‘


Her boyfriend Mackenzie Hanafan, who worked with her on the daytime schedule, said, ‘Stone worked hard to get the job and she did it very well and earned the respect of all her colleagues.


She said that the conditions of the downcast program were ‘something that impacted too much on her mind’.


She said: ‘The way everything played out, it wasn’t a short period, it drifted through the year. It was too heavy on him. ‘


Annaliese Edwards, a colleague of Mr. Hanafan at the time of Ms. Reddican’s death, said that her ex-husband also worked on The Jeremy Kyle Show, and despite being supported by ITV in the dismissal process, it was not enough. She said some people said, ‘And I think some people have struggled with the shame of what happened.


Concluding that Ms. Reddican’s death was suicide, Manchester West Senior Judge Timothy Brennand said it was a “tragic and sad case” involving a young woman with “such impressive potential”.


She said: ‘She was a local girl with a high work ethic who emerged from a humble position to be a producer on a well-known television production.’


He said the reasons why the meeting did not take place as planned were unclear, but it was not Ms. Reddican’s fault.


Mr Brennand said that the motivation for his actions seemed ‘multi-faceted’, but he was told that his work on The Jeremy Kyle Show was ‘seen as a family at work and therefore a tight-knit community’. involved in ‘and seen as an outsider in the industry’ after losing his job.


Given the degree of care and consideration regarding his death, he said he was completely satisfied, although his actions were deliberate and deliberate, despite drinking a quarter bottle of whiskey and possibly half a bottle of wine.