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Natalie Beach Biography

Natalie Beach Biography

Natalie Beach is a freelance magazine writer and screenwriter based in Los Angeles. She is Caroline Calloway’s former ghostwriter.

Natalie Beach and Caroline Calloway

In a tantalizing personal essay for The Cut, Natalie Beach said she felt like an “unpaid intern” helping Calloway write witty captions for her burgeoning Instagram account. Later, Beach would help Calloway pen a proposal for a memoir about her life at Cambridge University and write part of the book, she wrote.

Despite doing much of the ghostwriting work for Calloway, according to Beach, she was made to feel inferior to Calloway and received little recognition for her efforts in building the influencer’s brand which had begun to take off.

Calloway’s Instagram page has around 785,000 followers.

In the essay, Beach claims that despite Calloway previously stating her following grew organically, she admitted “taking out ads designed to look like posts to promote her account and buying tens of thousands of followers” to Beach.

Beach said that when the book was eventually sold, “My involvement was uncredited, as the entire selling point of Caroline was that she was an ingénue, and ingénues don’t have sleep-deprived collaborators living in deep Brooklyn.”

According to Beach, by January 2016, Calloway was no longer sure she wanted to write the book and so Beach wrote “a quarter of the manuscript by myself, but Caroline hated it so much that she threatened suicide if I wrote anymore.” Eventually, Beach says, she stopped working with Calloway and the influencer missed her publisher’s deadline.

Natalie Beach Age

She is 27 years old. She grew up in New Haven.

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Oh hiiiiii August Caroline! NEW PROFILE PIC!!!!! NEW ERA!! NEW YORK! I asked @shotbygobes to take a picture of me that “captured my true Caroline-spirit.” And Andrew nodded at me like I was making perfect sense because he can make me feel seen even when I am spewing utter gibberish. I wasn’t looking for a shot that was flattering or fuckable—although we took some of those, too. I wanted a portrait of me at my most Caroline—my most joyful and unfussed. Hair unbrushed, eyes crinkled, smile slightly lopsided. To get this expression of pure happiness during the shoot I told Andrew little stories about my life that I thought would entertain him or cheer him up or make him chuckle.

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