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Who is Nancy Sauer Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Career, Net Worth, Instagram

Nancy Sauer Wiki – Nancy Sauer Biography

Nancy Smith is the best know as the wife of Marty Smith, the motocross legend, has died at the age of 63. Smith died on April 27 in a dune buggy accident alongside his wife, Nancy. Smith and his wife had been married since 1980. Since their marriage, the couple has maintained a good relationship between them. Marty hasn’t been involved in other affairs apart from his wife. The couple is enjoying a happy married life ever since.
Nancy Sauer Age
Nancy Sauer age is unknown. We will update you soon. However, her husband was 63 years old.


The couple had three children together, daughters Brooke and Jillyin and son, Tyler.

Married Life

Prior to their marriage, Nancy Smith, then known as Nancy Sauer, was profiled by Motocross Action magazine in 1976. In the article, Nancy Sauer said that despite her then-boyfriend being known to the world as “Marty,” she said, “He’s just Martin to me.”

Marty Smith Accident, Death Cause

Motocross journalist Brett Smith confirmed Smith’s passing in a tweet on April 28 that read, “You’ll always be #1, Marty. Marty Smith and his wife, Nancy died in California yesterday after an accident in an off-road vehicle. Marty, a 3-time AMA Pro Motocross Champion, was 63.”
Racer X Online reported that Smith was killed close to the California-Arizona border at the Glamis Dunes on the night of April 27. There a multiple photos on Smith’s Facebook page showing him with his family at the Glamis Dunes with dune buggys.
In May 2013, Racer X placed Smith at number 13 on their list of the greatest motocrossers of all time. In that article, Smith was described as the “original superstar of American motocross.”

Hall of Fame

A section on Smith’s AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame profile details that in his early years as a motocross star, Smith was a “teen idol.” The profile said that Smith was harassed at hotels by women seeking autographs and hugs. The bio adds, “Eventually a tanned blonde named Nancy Sauer won his heart and the two were married in 1980.”
Smith told Moto X Addicts in 2019 that despite the attention he received from female fans, he wanted to focus on racing. Smith said, “It was a crazy life. I wasn’t used to it, and I was just racing because I loved it, but I was getting all this attention from magazines and fans at the races, and the girls, they used to call pit tootsies.”

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