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Nancy Lublin, the CEO of Crisis Text Line, was fired June 12 from her position and her seat on the board after the #notmycrisistextline started trending on Twitter, describing many complaints of racist and abusive treatment from the company, according to CNN.
According to a tweet featuring a statement from the company:
In 2018 the Board of Directors was made aware of concerns at Crisis Text Line about inappropriate conduct of individuals in leadership positions, including CEO Nancy Lublin. We were given the opportunity to take action, but failed to do enough. Crisis Text Line is not the safe and welcoming place it should be. We recognize and apologize for our role in enabling this environment to persist. We take full accountability and are ready to address these issues head-on. No form of racism or bullying of any kind will be tolerated at Crisis Text Line.
In the statement, the company said it was naming board member Dena Trujillo as the interim CEO while a nationwide search for a replacement would be conducted. The company further said that it would find a new chairperson and also stated that another employee, Ashley Womble, would be placed on administrative leave as an investigation was conducted into her role.
Staff staged a virtual walkout, demanding that the board and leadership behave in more “anti-racist” fashion and citing several examples of gaslighting and abuse by Lublin, CNN reported.
According to Axios, the company has said it will begin anti-racist training for board members.

Why #notmycrisistextline Trending?

The #notmycrisistextline started trending on Twitter as employees described their experiences at the company.
One person who said they were a former employee on Twitter, Catie Miller, posted that she “witnessed firsthand Nancy Lublin’s egregious abuses of power, racist behavior, and emotional tyranny.”
Another person who said they used to work also said that they witnessed abuse and tweeted “Nancy Lublin was a f**king a**hole. It’s part of why I loved her”:
For ref, I’m a white guy who came to DS from an even more abusive fashion world– i.e. I felt comfortable telling Nancy to fuck off whenev. That was my privilege (and oh what a privilege it could be). It was not the privilege of many of my non-SWM co-workers … They were frequently made to cry, feel like shit, etc. To me she was just Bobby Knight, a prickly head coach. But my friends weren’t crying from a brittle spirit. It was abuse. @DoSomething & @CrisisTextLine should take steps to never let that happen again.
Muneer Panjawani — now the vice president of foundation, government and corporate partnerships at The Trevor Project according to his LinkedIn page — said he was passed over for promotions for white and heterosexual employees. He also said he was “emotionally traumatized” and also described Lublin as “the single most emotionally abusive boss I have ever worked with.” He even said that Lublin and another employee in leadership had fudged data to minimize the rate at which minorities were fired compared to non-minorities.
He also said in a tweet that he was breaking a non-disclosure agreement to speak out.
Others expressed that they felt they had been complicit for not speaking out against problematic behaviors earlier. One woman tweeted, “I think many of us feel hypocritical coming forward because we benefitted from nancy’s network. she made an introduction for me that ultimately got me a job, for which I am grateful. but favors can’t buy silence and I hope others chose to speak out.”