white Women Racial Slur: Nancy Goodman Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Nancy Goodman Biography

Nancy Goodman Biography

Nancy Goodman from North Carolina. She is in the public spotlight for confronting a group of girlfriends dining at a Raleigh, North Carolina restaurant bar whom she said were being too loud and rude. As she was being recorded by one of the women, Goodman came over and called her a “stupid n****r.”

Nancy Goodman Education

Goodman, who studied at the Pan American Business School,

Nancy Goodman Work, Career

worked as an administrative clerk for the North Carolina General Assembly for nearly two decades and is apparently now retired as per her LinkedIn profile.

Nancy Goodman Facebook

Her now scrubbed Facebook page showed she is originally from Virginia and lives in Raleigh.

Nancy Goodman Age

She is 71 years old.

Nancy Goodman Uses Racial Slur on three African-American Dinners

Nancy Goodman is in the public spotlight for confronting a group of girlfriends dining at a Raleigh, North Carolina restaurant bar whom she said were being too loud and rude. As she was being recorded by one of the women identified as Chanda Stewart, Goodman came over and called her a “stupid n****r.”

Chanda Stewart says she began recording because she was incredulous that Goodman would approach the group.

“I am shocked because this person has the audacity to come to our table and tell us we are the rudest people that she has ever met,” Stewart says as she records Goodman who is standing near the bar and waving, gesturing and laughing. Goodman then takes out her own phone and walks toward the woman’s table with her phone up as to record them.

As she approaches the table she says, “I have some really good friends who are black and I love them,” she says with her phone recording.

“We never said anything about color,” one woman says as Goodman is heard saying her black friends would never “act like that,” apparently meaning being too loud. “You’re too loud.”

“In your opinion. Let me show you my money. It’s just as green as yours.”

Goodman says, “Why are you so stupid ‘n******?”

The three women who are stunned by the remarks then ask her; “Call your black friends n****r? You call your black friends n****r?”

Goodman shakes her head: “They’re not like you.”

Chanda Stewart Facebook Post

In her Facebook video caption, Stewart wrote:

“So this happened today. What was supposed to be dinner with my girlfriends ended up in us being called stupid n***r? The climate of the country today has some people thinking whatever they feel….they can say. The reality is if we were to retaliate with this same kind of hate and ignorance we would be called ‘angry black women.’

Mobile phone footage shows a woman called Nancy Goodman approaching the other customers including Lakesha Shaw and Chanda Stewart at a Bonefish Grill in North Hills, North Carolina to tell them to be quiet, before calling one of them a ‘stupid n*****’ in a shocking racial slur.

The footage has since generated thousands of shares and comments online.

Lakesha Shaw was the woman who Goodman had addressed the offensive word to, while her friend Chanda Stewart filmed the tirade on her mobile.

Nancy Goodman in an Interview Said she would use the Racial Slur Again

Goodman has since refused to apologize for the racist remark, adding she would do it again.

Goodman, 71, put her actions down to her ‘tremendous anxiety’ and said the group’s behavior had pushed her to breaking point.

However she refused to apologize to the group, telling WRAL-TV: ‘I’m not going to say I’m sorry to them because they kept pushing at it.’

When questioned on why she used the word ‘n*****’ she said it was because the group had ‘forced her into it’.

In a Facebook post shared with her friends, as reported by WRAL as her Facebook is set to private, Goodman wrote:

“Tonight on WRAL TV news there will be a news article about me using the N-word in conflict with three rude, loud, obnoxious black women. I would like to apologize to my family, friends and other patrons at the bar at North Hills Bonefish. The TV reporters came to my house today as they found out my name which that could only happen if the restaurant gave them my information. The women taped me and apparently shared the video all over social media. I suffer from extreme anxiety which is not an excuse. I am ashamed of my actions.”

Bonefish Grill Statement

Bonefish Grill Says it is ‘Reviewing the Incident’ as Many Are Outraged. According to WRAL, the restaurant is reviewing the incident: “We are reviewing the incident to see how we can do better at de-escalating something like this in the future.”

Fast Facts You Need to Know

  • A white woman caught on camera calling Bonefish Grill customer an ‘n*****’
  •  Nancy Goodman, 71, grew irate after deeming other patrons to be too loud 
  • She approached their table telling them to be quiet, before using the offensive word
  • Goodman has since refused to apologize, saying she would use it again