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Who is Naked Athena Portland Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Instagram

Naked Athena Portland Wiki – Naked Athena Portland Biography

A protester dubbed ‘Naked Athena Portland’ confronted Portland police wearing only a face mask and beanie.
The unidentified woman struck a series of ballet and yoga poses in front of anti-riot officers at around 1.45 am on Saturday morning.
Surreal video footage from the scene shows the woman striding towards the officers, who were in heavy protective gear including gas masks and helmets, almost completely naked.

Key Facts You Need to Know

Unidentified woman struck a series of ballet and yoga poses in front of officers

Naked Athena Viral Video

Surreal video footage from the scene shows the woman striding towards cops
The ‘Naked Athena’ protester wore nothing but a beanie and face mask

Oregon state law is pretty lenient on public nudity, and in Portland it is only illegal to be naked in public with the intent to arouse.
The standoff comes after the city of Portland marked its 50th consecutive night of unrest following the death of George Floyd, with crowds taking to the streets to denounce racial injustice.
Officers proceed to fire pepper balls at the woman’s feet and another protester is filmed rushing to protect her with a makeshift shield.
However she side-steps him to perform a series of yoga poses in front of the officers and even reclines onto the street at one point.
Her graceful poses stand in stark contrast to the heavily-armed guards.
Killen’s photos and those of another photographer went viral.
He said police shot pepper balls at the woman’s feet, even when another protester tried to run in front of her to protect her. Police reportedly left about 10 minutes after “Naked Athena” arrived on the scene.
It comes as the city of Portland has seen daily Black Lives Matter protests decrying police brutality in the wake of George Floyd’s death.
Portland police early Monday detailed another night of conflict between protesters and federal forces outside the US courthouse, including a small fire outside the building and tear gas deployed to disperse the crowd.
A department statement said police officers did not engage with the crowd, and that federal authorities periodically came of out of the courthouse to keep demonstrators at bay.
Federal officers last week began cracking down on Portland protests against police brutality and systemic racism, using tear gas and taking some activists into custody without explanation. Despite a national outcry over the tactics, Department of Homeland Security officials on Monday said they would not back down and would not apologize.


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