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SpecialText Myka Stauffer is the YouTube star from Dublin, Ohio, facing widespread criticism after she and her husband, James, decided to “rehome” their adopted son more than two years after they brought him home from China.


– Her husband is James Stauffer, and their children are Kova Jillian Stauffer, Jaka Stauffer, Radley Stauffer and they also adopted Huxley

Social media stats as of May 2020

170k followers on Instagram
715k subscribers on Youtube
22k followers on Twitter
12k followers on Facebook

Myka Stauffer and James Stauffer Adopted Son Huxley

Myka Stauffer has not publicly disclosed when she and her husband made the ultimate decision to give up Huxley. In early 2020, she posted photos of the little boy and boasted about being a family of seven. On January 22, Stauffer shared a picture of her and Huxley hugging and wrote this loving caption: “Thank you so much for trusting me to be your mama! You are the bravest, and sweetest boy I have ever met! And, I’m so lucky to call you my son!” She included the hashtags “adoption rocks” and “adoption is love.”
Huxley, who is now 4, is on the autism spectrum. The Stauffers explained in a tearful video, shared on May 26, that they “weren’t aware” of the severity of Huxley’s special needs during the adoption process and indicated that they were not equipped to provide the care the little boy needed.
However, Stauffer’s own YouTube channel casts a shadow on that claim. Stauffer shared in January 2017, nine months before bringing Huxley home, that a U.S. physician had “almost discouraged” the Stauffers from adopting Huxley after a brain scan indicated his special needs would be severe. But Stauffer said at the time, “My child is not returnable.”
The couple also has four biological children. Myka Stauffer admitted that the decision to give up Huxley had made her feel like a “failure” as a mother. Her YouTube channel, which has racked up more than 74 million views over the past several years, is focused on her life as a stay-at-home mother and includes parenting advice. Stauffer has not responded to a request for an interview.