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Who is Muhamet Qosja Wiki, Biography, Age, Career, Net Worth, Instagram, Facts You Need to Know

Muhamet Qosja Wiki – Muhamet Qosja Biography

29-year-old Muhamet Qosja stored five kilograms of cocaine, a pistol, and 20 rounds of ammunition in bags under a cot at his home in Ilford, east London.


Six more kilos of cocaine and drug gear were found in laundry bags.


Qosja, who hides the drug before distributing it to street vendors, told officials that he illegally entered the UK in 2014 and decided to sell drugs because he “got good money”.


He followed Qosja in his car in east London before undercover guards surrounded him in unmarked vehicles.


The National Criminal Department officers searched his car and found £ 23,000 in a compartment behind the dashboard.


Qosja appeared in Snaresbrook Royal Court, where prosecutors said the market value of cocaine was £ 1.1 million.


Admitted to six charges related to firearms, ammunition and possession for cocaine and money laundering purposes.


Detective Chief Inspector Tony O’Sullivan said: ‘Qosja was illegally located in the UK and was actively distributing Class A drugs on behalf of an organized crime group.


“A proactive investigation meant a halt to his illegal career, and he now faces jail time.”


He was arrested before his sentence on January 29, 2021.