Thanksgiving Day Sister Killer Arrested: Moses Crowe Bio, Wiki, Age, Fast Facts You Need to Know

Moses Crowe Bio, Wiki

Moses Crowe was taken into custody Thursday evening after shooting his sister in the head. According to court documents, she was holding her 1-year-old at the time.

Moses Crowe Age

He is 27 years old.

Moses Crowe Arrested and Charged

Police received a call around 3 p.m. and arrived to find the victim in critical condition and the suspect at large. The victim was transported to the hospital, where she eventually died from her injuries.
After Crowe was located by a police K9 track, he told police at an interview at Anchorage Police Department headquarters that he was twirling his handgun around his finger when it went off.
Throughout the interview, police say that Crowe insisted that the shooting was an accident. He confirmed that the gun he had was the one that was used in the shooting.

Someone who witnessed the shooting told police that Owen “fell onto a coffee table that was next to the bed with her young [child] still on her lap,” the documents state.
Crowe was found not far from the scene and voluntarily turned himself in to officers. He was found with a Glock pistol and taken in for questioning.
During an interview, the court documents state Crowe told police he shot Owen, but said it was an accident.