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Who is Mort Drucker Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Instagram, Twitter, Unknown FACTS YOU NEED TO KNOW

Mort Drucker Wiki – Mort Drucker Biography

Mort Drucker, the famous illustrator whose work was frequently spotlighted in Mad magazine, passed away on Wednesday evening, as confirmed by The New York Times. He was 91.

Mort Drucker Early Life, Career

The legendary cartoonist, born in Brooklyn, New York, on March 22, 1929, got his first job with Mad after publisher Bill Gaines made a bet with him. Gaines told Drucker that if the Brooklyn Dodgers won the World Series, he would get a drawing assignment. In the fall of 1956, the Dodgers clinched the title. However, years later Gaines admitted that he was planning to hire Druck anyway.
While Drucker worked for Mad for over 55 years, he completed other high profile projects throughout his career. In 1970, he drew the cover of Time magazine’s “Battle for the Senate” cover which is now on display at the National Portrait Gallery.
In 1974, Drucker illustrated the film cover for George Lucas’ film American Graffiti, which starred Richard Dreyfuss and Ron Howard. That same year, he wrote the script and drew the characters for the animated adaptation of Mad magazine’s TV special, which was inspired by The Usual Gang of Idiots.

Mort Drucker Family, Wife, CHildren

Drucker is survived by his wife Barbara, whom he met in high school and married soon after they graduated, their two daughters, Laurie and Melanie, and his three grandchildren.

Mort Drucker Awards and Honors

Drucker, who was the first winner of the National Society of Cartoonists’ Medal of Honor, was remembered fondly by fans, friends, co-workers, and fellow collaborators on Twitter. In addition to drawing famous comic news strips, Drucker was famous for his movie parody drawings, Mad magazine published 238 of them throughout his career. A few favorites included “East Side Story,” playing off of the musical movie West Side Story, and “It’s a Blunderful Life,” stemming from the holiday classic, It’s a Wonderful Life.

Mort Drucker Cause of Death

A cause of death was not immediately announced. However, CNN’s Jake Tapper tweeted that it was not coronavirus. “A friend of Mort Drucker’s, cartoonist John Reiner, emails me: ‘I’m sorry to say that Mort passed away last night. I saw him last Friday-he was having trouble breathing – Was not the Coronavirus as he was quarantined for weeks with no other outside contact…”



#RIP Mort Drucker. He was one of my favourite artists at MAD magazine. He specialized in illustrating the send-ups of movies and TV shows.
Brian Lynch

Mort Drucker was a genius. May he Rest In Peace.
Charlie Benante

I just heard that Mort Drucker has left us -growing up as a young artist I would buy @MADmagazine and rush to see the art he created. I had the honor to work with him on our #stateofeuphoria record, I can’t begin to tell you how happy that made me #MortDrucker RIP💜 @Anthrax
John Beifuss

RIP Mort Drucker, 91, Mad magazine’s master TV and movie (mostly) caricaturist. His incredible art graced such classic satires as “Star Blecch,” “Rosemia’s Booboo,” “Midnight Wowboy,” on and on. A personal hero, and a major influence for so many…
Bunny Sparber קיניגל שׁפּארבּער

RIP Mort Drucker. If you were a product of Mad Magazine in the 70s, as I was, his perfect movie satires affected the way you understood film at a molecular level.