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Wrote Anti-Trump New York Times Op-Ed in 2018: Miles Taylor Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Miles Taylor

Miles Taylor Wiki – Miles Taylor Bio

Department of Homeland Security Chief Anti-TruMiles Taylor is the former Department of Homeland Security chief of staff who wrote the anonymous New York Times op-ed in September 2018. Following the publication of the op-ed, President Donald Trump tweeted, “TREASON?”mp New York Times Op-Ed in 2018

Taylor, 33, revealed herself as the author of the article in a blog post published on Medium on October 28. Taylor followed his claims with A Warning book in 2019. The book was specified as “Anonymous” as the author.


Taylor started his New York Times column in September 2020 by writing: “I work for the president, but I have pledged to block some of my like-minded colleagues and parts of his agenda and his worst trends.”


Taylor worked as the chief of staff for the Department of Homeland Security from February 2019 to November 2019. Following his departure from the White House, Taylor began working as a contributor for CNN and was hired as head of government affairs and public policy at Google.


In August 2020, several news outlets reported that Taylor was seeking permission from Google to campaign for former Vice President Joe Biden. Taylor’s Wikipedia page describes him as “the highest-ranking former member of the administration supporting Biden.”


Taylor wrote on her Medium blog: “Make no mistake: I’m a Republican and I wanted this President to succeed.” Taylor writes that the president came to the Trump administration through former Chief of Staff John Kelly. Taylor accuses the president of being “a man of no character,” and “personal flaws are so important that they lead to leadership failures that can be measured when the American dies.”


Taylor claims that other people in the Trump administration have witnessed similar failures but “shunned speaking out for fear of reprisal.” “Trump’s own lieutenants were alarmed by his instability,” says Taylor in another episode. Taylor describes his book A Warning as “the current Commander-in-Chief’s character study.”


Taylor writes that she “grappled” with the decision to publish her criticism anonymously. Taylor says he ultimately decided to remain unknown in the hope that the president would force him to respond to criticism “without creating distractions through minor insults and names.”


Taylor writes that she believed the president was “unhinged” after the article was published. The former DHS official wrote that he “refused a heavy monetary advance” and donated most of the money from his book. Taylor also says that his goal is not to write “tell it all” to the president, but rather to “slander his former colleagues, but to focus on the President himself and his character.”


A group of former Trump administration officials such as Alexander Vindman and Olivia Troye were named by Taylor on the list of “souls who have everything to lose but still stand up”. Taylor writes that these people do not believe they are “deep statists,” but “patriots who take great personal risks to speak candidly about a man they see retaliating and even incite violence against their rivals.” Taylor said criticism of the president caused “significant damage” to her personal life, including her marriage and personal security.