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Who is Mike Morgan Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, Instagram, Twitter & More Facts

Mike Morgan Wiki – Mike Morgan Biography

A jealous ambulance service chief goes to jail for slapping his Thai wife with whom he grapples with a naked love rival and after finding them together in a hotel room.


Judges heard that 55-year-old Mike Morgan attacked his wife Rossalin and new lover Neil Bannister after suspecting him when they saw him parked outside the Coniston Hotel near Skipton.


Morgan, who founded Event Medical Services, a private ambulance fleet that provides protection at the London Olympics, suspected that his 15-year-old partner had met another man.


Originally from Thailand, Rossalin said that she left her husband in June and moved out of her family home. Prosecutor Nadine Clough said she believes Morgan has a new girlfriend.


Still, Morgan got angry after seeing Rossalin with another man at the Coniston Hotel, where he worked as a cleaner.


When he challenged him about himself, he said it ‘didn’t concern him’ and responded with abusive text messages that threatened to post his consent nude photos on Facebook when they were together.


Then on October 10, Rossalin and Mr. Bannister made a reservation at the Coniston Hotel for a long weekend when Morgan passed by and saw his car outside.


The court entered the parking lot and went looking for him, finally found his room.


Rossalin replied ‘in case of undress’, and Morgan saw a naked man in the shower.


He slapped his wife and dragged Mr. Bannister out of the water, pushed her against a door frame and punched him.


Mr. Bannister managed to seize Morgan and asked if he would calm him down by putting him on the bed.


Morgan continued to abuse his wife by calling her a ‘terrible woman’ and refusing to shake hands with the other man as she left the room.


The court said that while Mr. Bannister was suffering from scratches and bruises, Rossalin told her husband that she did not want her husband to contact her again.


Morgan, the previous good character, was still fond of his wife, heard in court relief.


He had hoped their marriage was not over, but believed they had to continue.


John Mewies said Morgan regretted but ‘came across a sight he could barely believe in’.


Mr. Mewies walked into the hotel lobby and thought of something odd because he said the staff was ‘slightly chuckling’.


He knocked on the door, his wife answered. The woman was undressing and she saw a naked man in the shower. He lost himself and there was a bit of a failure in his hotel room, ‘said Mr. Mewies.


Morgan was deeply moved by what happened, and deeply sad and emotional, Mr Mewies added.


‘He is deeply affected by this, but this is not a situation he created. He encountered a scene he could hardly believe. ‘


Morgan confessed to the attack by beating both his wife and Mr. Bannister on October 10, and harassing Rossalin Morgan without violence between October 4 and October 10.


The judges postponed the sentence for the reports to January 15 and warned Morgan that they did not rule out a possible prison sentence.


His wife, whom he did not meet after the trial, said at his old family home in North Yorkshire: “When this happened, we were not together, we broke up.”


Morgan is an EMS director with a fleet of emergency response vehicles and a staff team of first aid workers, paramedics, nurses, paramedics, doctors, firefighters and water rescue personnel.


The firm provided emergency medical protection on the sets of Coronation Street, Heartbeat, Shameless, and Emmerdale, in addition to taking part in the Olympics.


Morgan was one of the three founders of Event Medical Services (EMS) in 2002 and has seen it become one of the UK’s leading independent ambulance companies.