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Nashville bombing suspect Anthony Quinn Warner gave away $160K house: Michelle Swing Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Michelle Swing Biography, Michelle Swing Wiki, Age, Net Worth

LOS Angeles resident Michelle Swing was gifted two free homes by the alleged Nashville bomber before the explosion on December 25.

Swing claims that he had no knowledge of the property swap when Anthony Quinn Warner signed two homes for him through the annulment case. It is unclear if the two knew each other before the accident.


The 29-year-old suspect reportedly collaborated with the FBI after it was revealed that he was the open owner of two Bakertown Road homes linked to a Nashville bomber suspect in Tennessee.


Warner is said to have gifted her a $ 160,000 house last month and a $ 249,000 house last year.


His signature reportedly did not appear on the November 25 transfer.


Swing told the Daily Mail: “In the state of Tennessee, you can transfer the property to someone else without their consent or signature or anything.


“I didn’t even buy the house he gave me title deeds without my knowledge. So this is very strange for me, that’s all I can say.”


According to his LinkedIn profile, he studied at the University of Tennessee in Marketing and Business and Knoxville.


Apparently, he continued to work there until 2012, when he moved to California.


Swing first moved to San Francisco before moving to Los Angeles in October 2018.


He works in the artist development field for Anschutz Entertainment Group.


How does he relate to Nashville bomb suspect Anthony Quinn Warner?

Swing refused to tell if he had met Warner before or had family ties, and said he would ask the FBI further questions.


Police raided the $ 160,000 property on Bakertown Road as part of the investigation, and the house has been linked with Warner since the 1980s.


The main suspect in the explosion and the DNA at the scene were sent to cross-reference with his parents to determine whether the remains belonged to him, Warner said.


It was assumed that the big explosion came from a bomb inside a white trailer parked on 2nd Avenue near the AT&T building at 6.40 am.


The blast injured three people, damaged at least 41 businesses in the area, and partially collapsed a building.


The police are still investigating the reason behind the attack and have not yet provided detailed information.


Why did Anthony Quinn Warner give him two houses?

It is unclear why the houses were given to Swing.


The $ 249,000 house used to be owned by a Warner family member and reportedly held it for just five months before giving it to Swing.