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Save Mother and Her Baby from Suicide: Michelle Schack Bio, Wiki, Age, Married, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Fast Facts You Need to Know

Michelle Schack Bio

Michelle Schack is a Police Officer in the New York Police Department. She saves a Brooklyn mother with her 6 months old daughter from suicide,

Michelle Schack Save Mother and Her Baby from Suicide

The 27-year-old mother, who lives in Pennsylvania but was with a family in Brooklyn, brought her 6-month-old daughter from a nearby daycare early Friday and began sending disturbing text messages to her own mother, Latika Thorpe. sister.

The woman, whose name is withheld, said she “can’t go on like this” and planned to kill herself and her baby, police told the SMS.

Desperate family members asked the New York police for help and explained that the young mother was depressed after her daughter was born, did not pick up the phone and possibly went to her home in Pennsylvania to commit suicide and kill the baby, she said police.

Officer Michelle Schack and her fellow officer Gulrej Nandha rushed to the Canarsie family house.

“Time was the end and the end,” Schack told reporters and shared the intelligent and happy police work that would save the mother and the child.

“We have to stop this woman in some way and she has a baby and herself to think about,” Schack said of his thoughts as Thorpe shared his concerns.

“We were able to follow the vehicle with the cell phones of our department and we saw that it crossed the Verrazano bridge,” says Schack.

Then Thorpe told him that this was the way to the family home in Pennsylvania.

Schack made a list of options. It could cause an amber alert to the New York State Police and also wait for someone to find it.

But then Thorpe mentioned how easy it is to get a gun in Pennsylvania, and then everything clicked for Schack.

“It was then that I quickly thought about what we call arms exchanges, which is probably the direction I wanted to take,” Schack said.

He asked Thorpe if there was any way to the house of the Poconos family. Thorpe wasn’t sure. But it turned out that way.

Schack found the Pocono Mountain firearms in Scotrun on Google and called the owner on a whim. He gave the owner description of the mother and the baby hoping they would enter. And hoping that the local police can stop the mother before she leaves the store with a gun.