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Who is Michael Wettstein? (Suspect shooter arrested) Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Who is Michael Wettstein? (Suspect shooter arrested) Biography – Michael Wettstein Wiki

According to the county’s sheriff’s office, the suspect, Michael Wettstein, 60, was reported by neighbors for often going around the neighborhood “ranting” about the dogs that were allowed to roam freely in the area.
A day after a shooting spree left three people dead in a Liberty County neighborhood, deputies said there’s still no “logical motive” yet for the killings.
Apparently Wettstein had called lawmakers for various complaints in the past.
Neighbor James Thomas realized there was a problem with Wettstein. He said he had recently seen Wettstein walking on the rural county road with a gun. Thomas consulted Wettstein about this a few weeks ago.
“No, it’s about dogs. Dogs are trying to kill my dogs and they’re trying to kill everybody else’s dog,” said Thomas.
Captain Ken DeFoor of Freedom said, “The shooter is known for wandering around the neighborhood by chanting about stray dogs. We have responded to calls made to him earlier in this area. His behavior was a bit erratic,” said Captain Ken DeFoor of Liberty County Sheriff’s Office.

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The sheriff’s office said Wettstein surrendered on Monday afternoon after the noon clashes on District Road 4901, not far from Highway 901. At the time of his arrest, lawmakers added that he had a swastika drawn on his forehead and armed with the used shotgun and rifle. shooting.
In total, five people were shot, including a surviving father and his adult daughter.
Lawmakers said the suspects and victims all lived through CR-4901 and that the clashes took place in three different homes. Two of those killed were Richard Lamm, 56, and Misty Herndon, the first victims of the crime spree. The sheriff’s office added that Wettstein shot Herndon’s dog before firing on him and Lamm.
The sheriff’s office says Herndon and Wettstein had a relationship in the past. “We don’t think they’re dating right now, but they were once,” DeFoor said. Misty Herndon’s parents say she’s a mom and more recently a grandmother.
Lawmakers said Wettstein moved to another home where 59-year-old Bruce Mercer was shot dead.
The suspect then went to a third house where Marvin Rumley and his daughter Amanda Rumley were shot. They were taken to a Houston hospital for gunshot wounds.
Wettstein is currently facing a series of death sentences and many other serious crimes. He was not held in the Liberty County Prison with any tie.