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Michael Rumberger Bio, Wiki, Age, Married, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Fast Facts You Need to Know

Michael Rumberger Wiki – Bio

Michael Rumberger was a Jersey City Native and his body was found in the trunk of a Lincoln Town Car, and the unresolved death was ruled a homicide.

Michael Rumberger Famliy

Rumberger’s daughter set up a GoFundMe page $4,274 raised of $5,000 goal” is headlined, 

Unfortunately, my dad was taken from me. Nobody wants to see somebody die
Nobody wants to see the man that gave them life, the man that taught them everything to this day die. I wish I had just a couple more minutes with my dad to tell him how I felt. Daddy, you taught me everything I needed to know. But Daddy I wish you could stay on this earth to guide me a little ways longer. I want you to walk me down the aisle as a bride. Be there for my high school graduation. See your grandchildren. I need you back Daddy.
I’ll learn to live without your strong character, but I’ll never forget it. You’ll live on Dad. I have a piece of you in me.
And while I’m still on this earth you are too.
I am only wanting to help give my dad the proper burial. As a daddy’s girl I want to make sure I send him off the right way.

Jersey City Shooting

Rumberger’s name appeared after a chaotic and terrible mass shooting and a confrontation with two black-clad suspects in this city on 10 December 2019. That’s because ABC7 reports a Jersey police officer Joseph Seals, who was shot dead in the uproar, may have investigated a weekend murder that led to his meeting the suspects, who then killed Seals and eventually found a kosher winery, in which he was finally killed three civilians and then died (it is not clear how). The station then mentioned Rumberger’s death. Rumberger was found dead on Saturday. The mayor now says that the Jewish supermarket has been attacked but has not been resolved.
The authorities have not officially linked Rumberger’s name to the Seals investigation. They say the motive is still unclear and they have not disclosed the names of the suspects. The authorities initially said at a press conference that the Tuesday attack was not a terrorist incident. Steve Fulop, Mayor of Jersey City, later tweeted this without further explanation:
David Anderson was named as one of the two active shooters. The other suspect was named Francine Graham. Anderson and Graham were first mentioned in a NBC New York report. According to NBC News, Anderson had made anti-Semitic and police statements before filming on social media.
“Based on our (ongoing) investigation, we believe that active shooters have attacked the place they attacked, and we have no indication that there are any more threats.”
How Rumberger fits into all of this, if there is one, remains unclear. A grieving family leaves behind whether connected or not. He was also loved by his circle of friends.

Michael Rumberger Age

He was 34 years old.

Michael Rumberger Death and Cause of Death

The Hudson County Prosecutor Esther Suarez released a press release headlined, “MAN FOUND DEAD IN VEHICLE IN BAYONNE.” She released the following information: On December 7, 2019, at approximately 9:55 p.m., members of the Bayonne Police Department “responded to the area of 17th Street and John F. Kennedy Boulevard in Bayonne on a report of possible criminal activity. Upon arrival, responding Bayonne Police Officers found an unresponsive male in the trunk of a Lincoln Town Car at that location.” Esther Suarez added in the release: “The male, later identified as Michael Rumberger, age 34, of Jersey City, was found to have trauma to his head. He was pronounced dead at the scene at approximately 11:00 p.m. The cause and manner of death are pending an investigation by the Regional Medical Examiner’s Office.”