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Who is Michael Marion Wiki, Biography, Age, Career, Net Worth, Instagram, Facts You Need to Know

Michael Marion Wiki – Michael Marion Biography

Today, the husband of the show host Bobbie Thomas, Michael Marion, died at the age of 42.


The 46-year-old style editor made the announcement in an Instagram post on Sunday: ‘Nothing is normal. Maybe nothing will ever be normal again. It won’t be for me. My husband is gone. ‘


Michael’s death came after suffering a stroke in May last year. The deceased lawyer’s obituary said he died after a ‘heroic struggle’ on Tuesday. He adds: ‘He had a smile that brightened every room he entered.’


While sharing three photos with her husband Thomas, she added: “With all the fear, anger and division in the world going on right now, it’s easy to be saddened by the absence of normality.


But I beg you, everyone reading this, hold on to what you have right now instead of focusing on what they don’t have.


The only thing we all have is goodness. Absorb, stretch, consume. ‘


Marion was an attorney graduated from the University of Michigan, George Washington School of Law, and NYU Law School.


The couple married in 2013 and had a son named Miles at the age of five. Thomas shared his struggles to conceive after his unsuccessful IVF tours.


Then, in May 2019, Thomas announced that her husband had a stroke at the age of 40.


In May of this year, Thomas told Today that he showed audiences how Michael walked with assistance after he first came home in a wheelchair.


He said: ‘This is a little surprising. If you had told me a year ago what to deal with in a year, it would have been very difficult. I think it’s great to focus on what is ahead of us every day because we feel so lucky now.


“We celebrate every little victory. Looking ahead, these little things are hard to appreciate.”


In June, he shared a video showing Michael holding his son in his arms for the first time since his stroke.


In tribute to Thomas Michael Sunday added: ‘After all, the ONLY thing that matters is love. If you are lucky enough to have it, please appreciate it every moment, every day. Especially on the hard parts. There will never be enough time and some of our eternity is too short.


I embrace gratitude as I write tears … I hold the memories of my time with our precious son Miles and Michael closer to my broken heart.


Thank you all for your love and support for us and our families. Please hug the people you love. ‘


NBC colleague Jenna Bush Hager replied: ‘Bobbie, your power is astonished. Love you so much. ‘