Suspect Killer Arrested: Michael Langsdorf Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook Live (Kashina Harper)
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Suspect Killer Arrested: Michael Langsdorf Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook Live (Kashina Harper)

Michael Langsdorf Biography

Michael Langsdorf was born on April 11th, 1979. He was fatally shot Sunday afternoon near 4:30 pm while answering a call near 4:00 pm about a customer trying to cash a bad check at Clay’s Wellston Food Market Restaurant, North County Police Cooperative Chief John Buchannan confirmed.

Michael Langsdorf Age

He was 40 Years old.

Michael Langsdorf Children’s

Langsdorf was 40 and a father of two, the site says.

Michael Langsdorf Wife

According to the police Reports, Langsdorf also left behind a fiance. The Police Wrote: ” Langsdorf leaves behind two children, a fiancé,

Michael Langsdorf Career

In a police Authorities press release, District Battalion Chief Bill Modrosic described to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch how Langsdorf had worked as a volunteer firefighter. He also played hockey.
Langsdorf had a lengthy career in law enforcement. The Backstoppers site wrote on Facebook that: “Officer Langsdorf had served with the North County Police Cooperative for three months, and was a 17 year veteran of law enforcement.”
Before working for the police cooperative, Langsdorf was an officer with the St. Louis PD. However, he was involved in controversy there that ended up with dropped charges.

As per a 2017 story in the St. Louis Post Dispatch, Langsdorf was one of four officers charged with “felony stealing and felony forgery” for allegedly falsifying overtime documents.
The charges were later confirmed to have stemmed from an operation in which Langsdorf was supposed to be helping the FBI with a drug investigation. However, according to the Post Dispatch, the charges were dropped when it turned out that the officers “worked for a drug task force and had been told to submit ambiguous time sheets to keep their assignment covert.”

Michael Langsdorf Shot DeaD

Langsdorf was shot once in the back of the neck and the bullet traveled through his spinal cord and out through his chest, police said Monday. He was pronounced dead at 5:15 p.m.

Murder Investigation

The confrontation that led to the shooting was largely caught on a surveillance camera inside the market. According to a source familiar with the investigation, the confrontation lasted 1 minute, 16 seconds, and shows Langsdorf holding the suspect by the arm as he walks into the store.

Most of the confrontation was caught by a store surveillance camera near the counter. It showed that the encounter lasted 1 minute, 16 seconds, according to a source familiar with the investigation.

The source described the footage

Langsdorf entered the store holding the suspect by the arm. The man appeared to be trying to leave, and Langsdorf threw him to the ground. A gun was visible in the suspect’s waistband. The two struggled on the ground beneath the store counter, out of view of the camera, for about 30 seconds. The suspect jumped up and pointed a gun at Langsdorf. Langsdorf, on his hands and knees, appeared to lunge at him. The man fired from close range.
Police from several jurisdictions were at the scene Sunday evening and were investigating the shooting.

Kashina Harper Facebook Live Stream Video

While police rushed to the scene, someone at the store streamed his final moments.  Her name is Kashina Harper and her Facebook profile shows that she’s a cashier supervisor at the store.
In the heartbreaking and disturbing video, you can see the officer moving.  The person holding the camera is swearing about what happened.
They are telling him to hang on.
Minutes later, other officers arrive. The Facebook live stream continues, and you see the other officers performing CPR on him and begging him to stay alive.
Officer Michael Langsdorf, who had only been with the department for about three months, did not survive.

Bonette Meeks Arrested as Suspect in the Shooting of Michael Langsdorf

Bonette Meeks was named by authorities as the suspect accused of shooting to death Michael Langsdorf, a police officer with the North County Police Cooperative.

Community Condolences on Officer Death

Police Officers Association in South City St. Louis, representing various law enforcement agencies gathered Sunday evening to lower flags in mourning.