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Who is Michael Glendon Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, Instagram, Twitter & More Facts

Michael Glendon Biography

Michael Glendon Wiki – Michael Glendon Biography

Michael Glendon is a mayoral candidate who was among three Puna residents arrested and charged in connection to a reported zip-tie hoax in Hilo’s Home Depot parking lot earlier this month.
Michael Glendon, 38, of Volcano, who is running for Hawai‘i County mayor, was arrested along with 24-year-old Kalena Ho‘opi‘i of Volcano, and 31-year-old Kamea-Aloha Wong of Mountain View. The three are facing assault charges after beating up a 55-year-old Pāhoa man.
Glendon still in custody and is scheduled to appear in Hilo District Court at 1 p.m. on Monday. Hoopii and Wong have made bail and have a court slated for Sept. 1 at 1:30 p.m.
The charges stem from an incident on July 7. Hawaiian Police Department South Hilo patrol responded to the parking lot shortly after 13:10. disturbance reports. Upon arrival, he contacted Ho‘opi‘i officials, who reported that he had left the store and noticed a “zip-tie” attached to his vehicle. There are rumors and stories about the zippers of vehicles that have been linked to possible abductions and human trafficking in social media in recent weeks.
According to the police, Ho‘opi‘i told the officers that he had left the area, and soon returned and blocked one of the car park entrances with his car.
According to the news of Ho‘opi‘i, “At that time, a 55-year-old Pāhoa man was trying to get out of the parking lot and reportedly went inside to move Ho‘opi‘i’s vehicle. “He then faced Ho‘opi‘i and was reported to have attacked him. He was then arrested for a second-degree intrusion and a third-degree attack on a motor vehicle. ”
He continued to investigate the Region I Special Enforcement Unit of HPD. After reviewing hours of surveillance videos and meeting witnesses, the Hawaiian Hai District Prosecutor’s Office dismissed the charges against Pāhoa man on July 13.
As detectives continued to investigate the incident, they determined that Ho‘opi‘i was pulled into the car park, got out of his car, went to the store, and never returned to his car.
“When he entered the store, he met Wong, and then told a store employee that he had a“ zip-tie ”on his vehicle while in the store.
According to the surveillance footage, the police said that Glendon entered the parking lot about a minute after Ho‘opi. At this point, authorities carried the vehicle of Ho‘opi’i to prevent the entrance to the Railway Boulevard car park. Then he blocked two of the remaining entrances with vehicles.
“No one touched the car from the moment he left his vehicle until Ho‘opi‘i moved the Glendon. When all three parking spaces were blocked, Glendon was observed walking around the parking lot with ‘Lei O Mano’, a Hawaii shark female war club.
The surveillance footage shows Glendon, Wong and Ho‘opi‘i attacking the man trying to get out of the parking lot, according to officials.
“He was initially punched in the face by Ho’opi, then thrown on the ground by Wong, and Glendon then approached with Lei O Mano and repeatedly punched the man about the head, face and upper body,” officials say.
As a result, arrest warrants were issued for three people.
On July 16, Ho‘opi was arrested and charged with a third-degree attack and was not imitated by the authorities. The bail was set at $ 2,000.
Wong was arrested and charged with third-degree assault and second-degree prison sentences. The bail was set at $ 2,000.
On July 17, Glendon was arrested, and a third-degree attack, deadly weapons were banned, a second-degree illegal prison sentence, and he refused to enter or exit. Bail is $ 7,000.
The Hawaiian Police Department cannot verify the validity of the zip-tie or any other case in Ho‘opi‘i’s vehicle.
“The reporting of such mistakes may not only be illegal, but also unnecessary fear in our society,” said the police.

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