Testifies that Founding Fathers would Impeach Trump: Michael Gerhardt (Law Professor) Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Net Worth, Twitter, Fast Facts You Need to Know
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Testifies that Founding Fathers would Impeach Trump: Michael Gerhardt (Law Professor) Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Net Worth, Twitter, Fast Facts You Need to Know

Professor Michael Gerhardt Biography, Wiki

Michael J. Gerhardt is Samuel Ashe, a professor of constitutional law at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He is also a director of the Law and Government Center of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and an expert in constitutional law, separation of powers and legislative procedures. He is an academic at the National Constitution Center and an academic visitor to the University of Pennsylvania Law School. On December 2, 2019, it was announced that Gerhardt would testify before the Judiciary Committee of the House of Representatives on constitutional grounds over the presidential accusation in the political trial of President Donald Trump.

Law Prof Michael Gerhardt Quick Facts You Need to Know

Born1956, Madison, Wisconsin, United States
EducationYale University
ProfessionAuthor, Scholar

Law Professor Michael Gerhardt Age

He is 63 years old

Married, Wife

Gerhardt is married to Deborah Gerhardt, who teaches contract, copyright and trademark law at the University of North Carolina’s Law School.


They have three children, including Benjamin Gerhardt.

Education and early career

Gerhardt was born in Madison, Wisconsin, in 1956 and grew up in Mobile, Alabama. There he visited UMS Wright and finished in the youth tennis the second place in the US state. He graduated from Yale University with distinction (BA, 1978), attended the Graduate School of the London School of Economics (M.Sc., 1979), and graduated from the Law School of the University of Chicago (JD, 1982). from. ,
Gerhardt was Secretary of Chief Justice Robert McRae at the United States District Court for the West District of Tennessee from 1982 to 1984 and Judge Gilbert Merritt at the United States Appeals Court for the Sixth Circuit. After his internship, he was Deputy Media Director for the campaign the Senate of Al Gore. Gerhardt then worked for two law firms in Washington, D.C. and Atlanta.


Gerhardt joined the UNC Law School in 2005. Prior to UNC, Gerhardt worked at the Wake Forest Law School and William & Mary Law School, and was Dean of the Case Western Reserve Law School and was a visiting professor at Duke and Cornell. Law Schools Gerhardt is the author of several constitutional and historical books, including The Power of Precedent. His most recent book is The Forgotten Presidents: His Untold Constitutional Legacy, published in April 2013 by Oxford University Press.
Gerhardt has helped congressional and White House members on a variety of constitutional issues, from drafting the policy of selecting judges for the transition of Bill Clinton to power. Gerhardt then worked with the National Commission for Judicial Discipline and Elimination. He has testified several times before the House Judiciary Committee, including as the only common witness at the 1998 hearing on the history of the political trial against the United States during the trial of the political trial of President Bill Clinton. He was also one of only two legal experts to testify against the constitutionality of the Game Veto Act of 1996, which the Clinton Supreme Court reversed. New York City
In 2009, he testified as an expert before the House Selection Committee and wondered if he should accuse Judge Thomas Porteous. He also testified before the Senate on the constitutionality of filibustering.
Gerhardt worked and testified in the Senate Supreme Court’s confirmation proceedings, which began in 1994 when he advised the White House on the affirmative negotiations of Associate Judge Stephen Breyer. In 2005, he consulted with senators on the appointment of John Roberts as President of the Supreme Court of the United States. Gerhardt was a member of the hearings of the Senate Judiciary Committee appointing Samuel Alito Deputy Supreme Court Justice. Together with Professor Laurence Tribe of the Harvard Law School, he is the only legal expert invited to testify both in the 1998 political trial of President Clinton and in the adjudication proceedings for Associate Judge Alito. He also served as Special Advisor to Sen. Patrick Leahy on the nominations of Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court of the United States. In 2012, Gerhardt resigned before the Government Supervision and Reform Committee of the House of Representatives.
Gerhardt is often interviewed by many media, including the National Public Radio, as an expert on legal and constitutional issues.

Testifies that Founding Fathers would Impeach Trump

A professor of constitutional law said Wednesday that the founding fathers would support the impeachment of President Trump for his controversial appeal to the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenksy.
Michael Gerhardt, a professor at the University of North Carolina, is one of the constitutional law experts who testified at the political trial of the House Judiciary Committee.
He said that if the authors of the United States Constitution were still alive today, they would try to oust Trump.
“The editors would identify President Trump’s behavior as just the ‘offense and crime’ in the constitution,” said Gerhardt. “They want Congress to challenge.”
The statement provoked the contempt of the committee’s main Republican, Doug Collins.
“We just added the founding fathers to the jury,” teased the Georgia congressman.
Jonathan Turley, a law professor at George Washington University and the only Republican witness, also mocked the statements, saying George Washington had “made claims to extreme executive privileges” and tried to protect his presidential power.