Miami Scandal Queen Dana Scalione Bio, Wikipedia, Boyfriend (Mark Bartlett ), Viral Video
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Miami Scandal Queen Dana Scalione Bio, Wikipedia, Boyfriend (Mark Bartlett ), Viral Video

Dana Scalione Wiki, Dana Scalione Bio

Dana Scalione Wiki: She is a 45 years old Florida real estate broker for Insignia International Properties in Miami, Florida, a position she’s held since 2014. Her skills on LinkedIn include waterfront and rental properties. Dana Scalione along with her boyfriend Mark Bartlett was captured in a viral video confrontation with a group of young African-American men. More about Dana Scalione Wiki and Dana Scalione Bio, visit again for latest updates.

Dana Scalione Age
She is currently (as of 2019) 45 years old
Dana Scalione Boyfriend Mark Bartlett
Dana Scalione Occupation Real estate broker for Insignia Int Properties in Miami (2014-to date)
Dana Scalione In the News for  A viral video confrontation with a group of young African-American men.

As stated earlier, Dana Scalione is a Florida real estate broker for Insignia national Properties in Miami, Florida, a position she’s held since 2014. Dana Scalione was in 2015 over the sale of a $1 million-plus property by the company. Voter records in Florida list Dana Scalione as an active voter who is affiliated with the Republican Party.

Dana Scalione and  Mark Bartlett Viral Video

The two identified, ark Mark Bartlett and his girlfriend, She is the people seen in the viral video recorded by a group called Dream Defenders. They released it on Twitter, where it quickly went viral.
According to The Miami Herald, the young men he approached were taking part in a “Bikes Up Guns Down” event in Miami.
In the video, the woman named She alleges one of the young men ran over her foot and gets in an angry face-to-face verbal confrontation with one of them. “Don’t touch me, you bunch of thugs,” the woman in the video says at one point to the young men. One of the young men calls her a “white as-” and says “fu*k you, b*tch.”
That’s when the man named as Mark Bartlett walks forward with a gun. “F*ing dumb as– stupid ns,” the man in the video states at one point in the disturbing video. He also is heard to state, “Get out of here you piece of s—.” He also says, “F*cking losers.”
One of the young men says in the video, “ya’ll going to make the news.” That they did after the video went viral.
Dana Scalione and Mark Bartlett have defended themselves in an interview with Mark Bartlett claiming he was concerned about Dana Scalione’s safety. Speaking to News One Dana Scalione alleged, “racial slurs were thrown around from both sides and claimed the teens called her a racist term for white people.”
Mark Bartlett further stated, “The reason why we use that word, the reason why Chinese people use the word, why Japanese people, European people, the reason why everybody uses that word is that Black people use that word.”

Mark Bartlett Accused of Carrying a Concealed Weapon

Miami-Dade online court records confirm that Mark Bartlett stands accused of carrying a concealed weapon unlawfully. His full name is given in court records as Mark Allen Bartlett. The case is listed as a felony, and the bond amount was given as $5,000. Dana Scalione has not been accused of any crimes in connection with the incident.
Mark Bartlett was driving a Range Rover and left the scene, but police stopped him nearby. He’s accused of not having a concealed carry permit, the television station reported, quoting him as allegedly telling police, “Why am I being arrested when those kids are free to ride around? I did pull out my gun, but I never pointed it at them.”
Miami Herland reports that Mark Bartlett “said he isn’t a racist and only made the racial slurs out of anger,” alleging that he said he took out the gun because Dana Scalione, his girlfriend, was “outnumbered by the teens and he feared for her safety.”

Miami Dade State’s Attorney Statement

On January 22nd, 2019, Kathy Fernandez Rundle, the state’s attorney in Miami-Dade County, Florida, issued a statement on Twitter in which she said the incident would be handled by the hate crimes unit in her office.

Dana Scalione and Mark Bartlett Court Records

Federal court indicates that Mark Bartlett filed for bankruptcy in Florida in August 2018. In that filing, attached below, he listed personal property totaling more than $1.759 million. However, he said that his liabilities totaled more than $6 million.

Dana Scalione and Mark Bartlett Viral Video

Mark Bartlett further listed his monthly income as more than $34,000 but his monthly expenses as exceeding $42,000. He said he had $1.67 million in “domestic support obligations.” Among his property, he listed a Ferrari, a Land Rover, and various pieces of personal property, including a white shag rug, plastic vase with imitation flowers, wood carved pigs, men’s Rolex, and Louis Vuitton luggage.
Mark Bartlett described himself as a self-employed business owner for “various businesses.” He is not married.
The bankruptcy filing lists Dana Scalione’s name:
Mark Bartlett is a divorcee in Cook County, Illinois. He lists several civil cases, including one filed against his brother. That suit states that Mark Bartlett “alleges that he and his brother James Bartlett jointly own American Cash Loans, LLC, and B &B Investment Group.” Revisit for latest update about Dana Scalione Wiki and Dana Scalione Bio.

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