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Who is Metaphysical Meagan Biography, Wiki, Perineum Sunning, Age, Family, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Fast Facts You Need to Know

Metaphysical Meagan Bio

Metaphysical Meagan Biography, Wiki

Metaphysical Meagan’s birthname Meagan Whitson is an Instagram Influencer from California who has gone viral with her social media posts about perineum sunning. She proposes that exposing private parts especially the butthole to the sun can lead to increased energy, better sleep, and healthier libido.


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On 21 October, Whitson posted a picture of herself fully naked lying on her back with her legs in the air. The image went viral after others started sharing and reposting it.

Metaphysical Meagan Career

Meagan Whitson is situated in southern California and works at a spa called Mojave Mami’s. As indicated by the organization’s Facebook page, the spa as of late started offering rubs. Whitson is recorded as one of the authorized back rub advisors.

On her expert Facebook page related to Mojave Mami’s, Whitson wrote in the “about” area: “I offer remedial back rub and bodywork with an assortment of procedures that target getting your sensory system into its ideal recuperating state. In case you’re searching for an exceptional unwinding and restoring bodywork experience you’re in great hands with me!”

It’s vague where Whitson acquired a permit. Her name doesn’t come up in permit look on the California Massage Therapy Council site or on the California Department of Health site. It’s conceivable that she is authorized under an alternate name or through an alternate association. Substantial has connected with Whitson by means of email to request an explanation.

Metaphysical Meagan Licensed Massage Therapist

Whitson has been listed as one of the licensed massage therapists at a spa called Mojave Mami’s- though it’s not clear where she obtained her license from since her name does not appear in license searches on the California Massage Therapy Council website or the California Department of Health site.

What Is Perineum Sun Exposure?

Meagan Whitson argues that exposing the genitals to the sun is an “old Taoist practice.” On Instagram, he explained that the asshole is “where vitality enters and leaves the body,” “Solar energy from the sun to the organs” and “against the spillage of chi or vitality of the body.”

Whitson says that some time ago he began sunbathing with the daily use of the perineum. She urges the followers of her online life to spend almost five minutes with her genitals presented in the sun, and warns them in all aspects: “THE INTENTION OF THIS IS NOT BROWNING YOUR BUTTHOOL!”

Whitson states that this brief daily ceremony unmistakably gave him more vitality than espresso, since he “gets my vitality from the sun.” Whitson states that training allows him to rest better, direct his pace of the day and strengthen his ability to focus, promotes imagination and demands “appropriate sexual vitality.”

Perineum Sunning Benefits

Whitson explains that the butthole is believed to be a gateway where energy enters & exits the body. She adds that the idea is to allow solar energy from the sun into the organs and to prevent the leakage of chi or life force energy from the body.

Whitson began a daily ritual of perineum sunning several months ago, she advises her followers not to spend more than five minutes with their private parts exposed to the sun and cautioned, in all caps, “THE INTENTION OF THIS IS NOT TO TAN YOUR BUTTHOLE‼️‼️

Whitson further explains in her Instagram posts that practising yoga while naked is a way for people to “connect with their sexual energy in a balanced way.” She explained that she grew up in a Catholic household and that she was taught that sex would make her “impure.” But she says her attitude changed throughout her “journeying through this lifetime.”

Metaphysical Meagan ‘Sexuality Is Sacred’

Meagan Whitson further clarifies in her Instagram posts that rehearsing yoga while stripped is a path for individuals to “interface with their sexual vitality in a fair manner.” She clarified that she experienced childhood in a Catholic family unit and that she was trained that sex would make her “debased.” But she says her disposition changed all through her “traveling through this lifetime.”

Whitson advances that being in contact with your very own sexuality is really an encounter that harkens back to youth. She wrote in a post that “our sexuality is simply the most lively and guiltless piece of ourselves” and that “We are on the whole posterity of the highest. We are largely Sacred creatures. We are on the whole offspring of mother/father God and The Universe.”

She went on, “Tragically, our sexuality has been contorted and controlled to keep us in a condition of control, debilitation, and disgrace. There is so a lot of programming and disgrace around our sexuality and our experience of delight.”

“In the event that we can recollect and reconnect with our experience as youngsters we recall and perceive how kids so simply emanate their sexual vitality with such guiltlessness. What was our connection to our sexual vitality before we were modified and before our comprehension of it was mutilated?”

Metaphysical Meagan Twitter

Metaphysical Meagan Instagram


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