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Kansas Man Threatened to Kidnap & Kill Mayor Over Mask Mandate: Meredith Bruce Dowty Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Meredith Bruce Dowty Wiki

Meredith Bruce Dowty Wiki – Meredith Bruce Dowty Bio

Meredith Dowty is the Kansas man accused of threatening to kill the mayor of Wichita over the citywide mask mandate that was implemented to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. According to the Wichita Police Department, investigators were “alerted to threatening statements directed toward” the mayor on October 16 and arrested Dowty the same day.

Meredith Bruce Dowty threatening to kill the mayor of Wichita

Messages were not sent directly to Whipple. Wichita Eagle reported that Dowty contacted someone who knew where Whipple lived and asked that person for the mayor’s address. Whipple said the shipper had detailed how he planned to kidnap Whipple and slit his throat.

Meredith Bruce Dowty Arrested

Dowty’s arrest comes right after a separate conspiracy targeting the state governor in Michigan. Several people who belonged to a militia group called Wolverine Watchmen were accused of plotting to kidnap Gretchen Whitmer and “try him”. 13 people are charged.


According to a press release, the Wichita Police Department identified Dowty as a suspect after learning threatening messages against the mayor.


The mayor texted Wichita Eagle, another city official from Dowty, to try to get Whipple’s home address. This official contacted the police and then warned Whipple and shared the contents of the messages with him.


“The person was very upset over the mask requirements and the elderly said something about not being able to see his mother in their home due to COVID restrictions,” Whipple told the newspaper. He added that Dowty offered a reason, stating that he was “against masks and bullying” in the texts.


The texts graphically set out what Dowty was planning to do with Whipple. Whipple told CNN that he had received threats before, but this was unique due to the details. “This threat was more specific about abducting me and cutting my throat,” Whipple said. These were what was read to me. They were graphics. ”


It was unclear whether Whipple’s political affinity was a factor in the threat. Whipple is part of the Democratic party and previously served at Kansas House. Dowty is a registered Republican, according to voter registration records on the Kansas State Secretary website.

Meredith Bruce Dowty Arrested

Dowty was arrested on October 16th and was taken to the Sedgwick County Detention Center just after 6pm, according to prisoner records.

Meredith Bruce Dowty Charges

Dowty faces a hefty “Criminal Threat” charge. The specific law is 21.5415.A.1. The Kansas legislature explains on its website that a threat of crime is any threat to:


Intimidating another person or causing evacuation, locking or disruption of the regular, ongoing activities of any building, gathering place or transportation facility, or using violence that is transmitted in a disregardless of the risk of causing such fear or evacuation, lockdown, or hitch.


Prisoner records show that the bond was set at $ 50,000. It was not immediately clear whether Dowty was hiring a lawyer.


Whipple signed a decision in July requiring masks to be worn in all public places as the pandemic continued. The first violation will result in a $ 25 fine as per regulation. Mask authorization was later extended until at least October 21.


Whipple made a statement on social media following Dowty’s arrest, referring to the “tensions” in the city. He wrote:


In response to the news about a threat I received today:


Violence is never a way to resolve conflicts. We are always stronger together as a City, even in the most difficult times of time. Tensions may be high, but we’re going to get through this together as Wichitans.


Chelsea, the guys and I appreciate your kind thoughts and prayers. We also want to thank @WichitaPolice’s brave men and women who not only protect us, but our entire community. Thank you for your quick response and everything you do on this matter.


Dowty previously served as a fireman to the city of Wichita. According to Wichita Eagle, the city council honored Dowty and others for saving the life of a police officer in 2008.


The newspaper reported in 2008 that Officer Derek Purcell thought he would die after being shot in both legs while on duty. Other officers arrived at the scene within seconds and did everything they could to slow the bleeding.


Dowty was also one of seven firefighters who were on duty and responded to help Purcell. Wichita Eagle quoted Dowty after the incident when explaining how speed can make all the difference when dealing with a trauma victim. Dowty told the newspaper that “in general, he was trying to meet a” golden watch “to improve survival rates, but Purcell was” golden seconds “.


Dowty is a figure known in Wichita. Wichita Eagle cited a former employee who said Dowty performed at local bars and used the name “Cathead”.


“Cathead” is “a solo guitarist who plays harmonica and vocals”, according to a Facebook page under that name. Musicians such as The Beatles, the Eagles, Johnny Cash, Matchbox 20, Merle Haggard, Neil Young, Don Henley, Amy Grant and others are playing “various classic covers”, he explained in the “about” section.