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Who is Melinda Coleman Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Instagram, Hidden Facts You Need to Know

Melinda Coleman Wiki – Melinda Coleman Biography

Sexual assault lawyer Daisy Coleman’s mother copied her daughter and took her own life by killing herself, as social media posts on Monday revealed her deeply traumatized mood.


Melinda Coleman, 58, died at home in Missouri on Sunday four months after 23-year-old Daisy committed suicide when she learned that she could not have children.


Daisy was a source of inspiration and strength for many when she spoke candidly about sexual assault at the age of 14 in the 2016 Netflix documentary Audrie & Daisy.


On Monday, Melinda’s close friend Tami Piburn announced that she died from a bullet wound she inflicted on herself, just like Daisy.


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In 2016, a Netflix documentary was released detailing the lives of two young women who were sexually assaulted when they were young.


Both girls were subjected to harassment and cyberbullying as a result of their attacks.


Audrie Pott was 15 when she was attacked at a party by three 16-year-old boys she knew in Saratoga, California, on September 3, 2012.


Naked pictures of the young girl were posted online and she was subjected to enormous bullying. He killed himself nine days after the attack.


At the age of 14, Daisy Coleman was raped by Matthew Barnett, who was 17 at the time.


He and his friend Paige Parkhurst (13) had sneaked out of a boarder and went to visit Barnett and his friends in Maryville, Missouri.


After drinking, Daisy was raped by Barnett, and another raped her friend Paige. A third teenager was accused of filming Barnett’s attack on Daisy.


The documentary followed Daisy for two years and documented the trauma of her ordeal and hostility from their communities.


The grandson of a former Republican state representative, Barnett was charged with severe assault, but was found guilty of endangering a juvenile and served four months in prison.


Daisy was bullied at school after the details of her allegations were made public.


Documentary producers Bonni Cohen and Jon Shenk spoke with Maryville sheriff Darren White and said, “Girls have as many crimes as boys.”


Logan, 25, one of his two sons, was at home at the time.


‘He shot himself at home around 6 pm,’ Piburn told The Sun.


Logan was home when it happened, I worry a lot about him.


I’m torn, I can’t stop crying. I can’t even breathe.


Yesterday [Saturday] I was talking to him on the phone and on the 21st I said I was planning for his birthday.


I don’t know what to do without my best friend. He’s really struggling. ‘


Just hours before her death, Melinda posted a series of posts and photos of Daisy on her Facebook page.


“There is not enough love I can say while holding you cold, broken, corpse,” Melinda wrote.


Still held you like a baby baby The baby I held when he first came to this world.


Being your mother and best friend has always been the greatest honor and joy. Mother bear! ‘


One post was a message from Daisy’s late father to him. The letter described the joy Melinda and Michael Coleman experienced when Daisy was born.


The note read, ‘We went to the hospital and found our Daisy.’ We were very proud parents when the doctor kept you in the air. I had the privilege of shaking you to sleep every night in the first year of your life. ‘


His death comes two weeks after posting an encrypted message that worries his friends.


On November 18, he wrote: ‘Albany wins. I’m dead ‘- a clear reference to his hometown of Missouri, where Daisy was ostracized after her attack.


She was upset that she failed her daughter on November 20.

‘My heroic daughter who saved so many and suffered more than anyone ever should,’ she wrote.

‘We failed her. She did great things for us and we failed her. Especially me.’

On December 1, she wrote: ‘Just need to cry for awhile. Missing my babies!’

Daisy fatally shot herself at her home in Colorado Springs, while on a FaceTime call with her on/off boyfriend.

She had attempted suicide multiple times before.

The tragic family’s saga began with the death of Melinda’s husband Michael in a car crash in 2009, when the car with Daisy, one of her brothers, and their father skidded on ice and went off a ravine.

Three years later, in January 2012, Daisy was raped at a house party, aged 14, by high school athlete Matthew Barnett.

Before Melinda Coleman’s death, the family had faced immense tragedy over the years, beginning with the death of Melinda’s husband.

2009: Michael Coleman, who was a physician, died while traveling in a car with Daisy Coleman and one of her brothers in 2009. They were on the way to see one of her other brothers in a wrestling competition when the car hit black ice and went into a ravine, killing Michael.

2012: Daisy Coleman was 14 years old when she was raped in the early hours of January 9, 2012. Daisy’s rapist was not convicted.

2013: The Coleman family’s home burned down in a fire that her mother Melinda believed was deliberate.

2018:  Melinda’s son, Tristan Ash Coleman, died in a car accident at age 19 while he was helping his sister move to Colorado Springs when the incident happened in Oakley, Kansas.

August 2020: Daisy took her own life during a FaceTime call with her boyfriend.

December 2020: Melinda Coleman took her own life after living for years with the grief of losing her husband, her son and more recently, Daisy.

He attacked her while a boy filmed the assault.

In 2016 Daisy’s story was made into a Netflix series, intertwining her tale with that of Audrie Pott who killed herself in 2012, eight days after she was sexually assaulted at a house party by three teenagers and footage of the attack appeared online.

Pott was 15 when she was assaulted at a party by three 16-year-old boys in Saratoga, California.

Naked pictures of the young girl were posted online and she was intensely bullied.

In the film, Daisy described being plied with alcohol and raped at a house party hosted by the popular high school footballer, in her in Missouri home town.

The documentary followed Daisy around for two years, documenting the trauma of her ordeal and the hostility from their community.

The sheriff of their town of Maryville, Darren White, told the Netflix documentary makers Bonni Cohen and Jon Shenk: ‘Girls have as much culpability as boys.’

Barnett, son of a Republican state politician, denied raping Daisy and served f
our months in prison on the misdemeanor charge of child endangerment.

The family’s tragedy did not end there.

Their home burned down in a fire in 2013 and in 2018, Daisy’s brother, Tristan Ash Coleman, died in a car accident at age 19, while he was helping his sister move to Colorado Springs.

Daisy leveraged her experiences and fame to found SafeBae, a sexual assault prevention group.

On Monday SafeBae executive director Shael Norris said that Melinda spoke to students about sexual assault prevention via Zoom just days before she died.

‘So she jumped on the call and talked to all the kids, and the thing she texted me was how beautiful that was to just be able to see it herself,’ Norris said.

‘She just said thank you for giving me that, and I love you. And that was her last text,’ Norris added.

SafeBae announced the news of Melinda’s death on Sunday.

‘The bottomless grief of losing her husband, Tristan and Daisy was more than she could face most days,’ the organization said.

‘Melinda was a gifted veterinarian, devoted mother and wife, and talented body builder.

‘More than anything, she loved and believed in her children. It is no accident that she created some of the most gifted, passionate, and resilient children.

‘Our hearts are with Logan and Charlie. There are no words for our sadness, only that if you are struggling with trauma or depression, you are not alone.’

Several people who said they were friends of Melinda’s paid tribute to her on social media as ‘thoughtful, compassionate and sincere’.

One woman said that Melinda became a friend to her ‘in a way she knew I needed’ after their sons died around the same time.

Cindy Waitt, who produced the Audrie & Daisy documentary, wrote: ‘Melinda, I will never forget our first conversation when you and Daisy agreed to tell your story.

‘I told you at Sundance that your story would touch countless lives. And it did. Rest in Peace beautiful lady.’

For confidential support call the National Suicide Prevention Line on 1-800-273-8255. 

For confidential support call the Samaritans on 116123 or visit a local Samaritans branch, see for details.