Megan Pagnini Biography

Young Girl Bites By Sea Lion: Megan Pagnini Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Fast Facts You Need to Know

Megan Pagnini Biography

Megan Pagnini’s friend’s photo shows what happened next. In a slowed down iPhone live photo, you can see a sea lion charging at her in the water.

People walking nearby quickly jumped in to help her, shocked that something like this could happen unprovoked.

“After her leg was wrapped up and everything, she turned looked at my husband and me and apologized to us, like she had ruined our weekend or something. And it really melted my heart that that little girl was worried about us at that moment,” Nicki Thessen, witness, said.

Megan Pagnini Age

Megan Pagnini is 13-year-old girl.

What happened to Megan Pagnini

The ocean lion, a grownup girl, turned into exhibiting signs and symptoms of domoic acid poisoning, which causes disorientation and mind damage in marine animals, in line with Todd Tognazzini of the California Department of Fish and flora and fauna.

A photograph taken of the bite afterward indicates blood seeping from her injury.

‘I felt it on my leg and that I looked down and freaked out. I didn’t recognize what it becomes. All I knew is something turned into attacking me,’ Pagnini told CBS.

Tognazzini says attacks like those are extremely uncommon and the animal changed into later picked up and treated for domoic acid poisoning, a toxin that influences the brain.

‘We believe that become why the sea lion in this incident, no longer only bit the character however they got here on land and bit metallic lifeguard stand,’ Tognazzini said.

The Pagnini family is now cautioning other families to be cautious at the seaside, with the teen herself unsure whether she’ll ever return to the identical beach.


Fast Facts You Need to Know

  • Video of 13-year-old Megan Pagnini was taken when she bites by sea lion.
  • She was just kinda jumping around, dancing, just having fun, taking funny pictures, then the sea lion attacked her.
  • The sea lion, an adult female, was exhibiting signs of domoic acid poisoning, which causes disorientation and brain damage in marine animals, an expert said 
  • The expert said attacks like these are extremely rare and the animal was later picked up and treated for domoic acid poisoning, a toxin that impacts the brain