Mckamey Manor in Summer Town: Haunted House in Tennessee that pays 20000 Dolor you to finish

Mckamey Manor in Summer Town

Mckamey Manor in Summer Town

One Tennessee-based haunted house bets you won’t make it out without tapping out. Guests who escape the “extreme” haunted house will be awarded $20,000. Reportedly, no guest has done it yet.

The reality of Mckamey Manor

McKamey Manor, located in Summertown, Tenn., and Huntsville, Ala., promises a 10-hour torture-horror experience too terrifying to be completed.

McKamey Manor has been coined as the “scariest” haunted house. Before entering, visitors must sign a 40-page exemption, submit a signed medical authorization and declare a safe word.

The interactive experience is customized for the worst fears of each visitor. It’s a “hard, intense and truly scary experience,” McKamey Manor warns on its website.

The website offers a great warning about the types of conditions that guests should expect, including low visibility, wet conditions, physically demanding environments and close contact with “very real and graphic horror scenes.”

The website notes that actors can come into contact with participants during the “aggressive experience”, but guests cannot touch the actors in return.

People can be seen crying and begging to let them out, sometimes only five minutes after the experience. In a video, a woman’s choice to opt out of completing the house required that she spend the entire experience in a freezer.

Requirements for guests at Mckamey Manor

In addition to an age requirement of 21 years or more, or 18 to 20 years with parental consent, participants must undergo a medical check, a background check and even sign a 40 page exemption to participate in the experience.

They must also pass a drug test the same day and provide proof of medical insurance in case of injury.

Mckamey Manor Hunt Winner Reward 20000 Dolor

Anyone who successfully passes the entire shelter will earn $ 20,000, but not a single person has achieved it yet, and it is clear why.

Videos of Mckamey Manor

In the video of the lairs shared on the official McKamey Manor site, you can see the participants blindfolded, soaked in fake blood, shouted by actors and even locked inside small freezers.