‘Nodding’ Woman Behind Donald Trump: Mayra Joli Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Mayra Joli Biography – Mayra Joli Wiki

Mayra Joli is the immigration lawyer and former congressional candidate who was the nodding lady at Donald Trump’s October 15 NBC townhall.

Mayra Joli Age

She is 55 years old.

Mayra Joli ‘Nodding’ Woman Behind Donald Trump

The 55-year-old Joli was first described by the Miami Herald reporter Alex Daughterty as the woman sitting on Trump’s left shoulder. While Joli was on her Facebook page, she posted a live video before the town hall started. The angle of the video shows Joli, who is behind Trump’s seat.

Mayra Joli Facebook Bio

According to her Facebook page, Joli is a native of Santa Domingo in the Dominican Republic. Joli says she currently lives in Coral Gables, Florida, five miles west of Miami, where the NBC town hall was built.


Joli’s presence in the town hall sparked numerous articles referring to her new pseudonym “Woman Shaking Her Head.”


He uses an excerpt from Joli’s official congress Facebook page in the section titled “Be the light that illuminates the world”. At the time of writing, Joli’s congress website was disabled.


Joli describes her political beliefs as “always conservative” and loyal to Republicans on her Twitter page. Joli says he is “an ex-Democrat”.


Joli competed for the Miami convention seat of Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, who retired in 2018. Joli ran independently and won 2.5 percent of the vote. Democrat Donna Shalala eventually won the election.


The law firm’s official website states that Joli “applies exclusively” to immigration law. Joli’s specialty is “detention and deportation procedures”. Profil goes on to say that Joli is one of the most active immigration lawyers in South Florida and has filed lawsuits in the United States.

Mayra Joli Education

Joli attended law school at Santo Domingo Autonomous University and graduated in 1989. Joli was awarded by the Louisiana Supreme Court in 2001. Joli is a member of the American and Federal Bar Association.

Mayra Joli Law Firm

Joli founded the Joli Law Firm in 2012. Joli won the Miss Coral Gables beauty pageant in 2015 in addition to her legal career, according to a Voyage Miami feature.

Mayra Joli Interviews

In an interview with the Miami Herald in November 2017, Joli compared the 2018 congress proposal with Donald Trump’s political rise. “I don’t want to be a candidate because I need a paycheck like Donald Trump,” said Joli. I don’t want to run away because I need fame like Donald Trump. I’m running because I need this country to succeed. Like Donald Trump, I don’t drink. ”

Mayra Joli Master of Selfies

During the same interview, Joli referred to herself as the “master of selfies”. She also says that her husband believes Joli was born with a “built-in selfie stick”. Joli said she supports the expansion of legal immigration. Joli said he felt that the president did not have the right people around him to advise him on immigration.

Mayra Joli Donald Trump

Joli told Welum.com in her 2018 interview that the woman she admired the most was First Lady Melania Trump. Joli said the spouse was “simple, happy, familial, unrepentant, unkind, cool and very American”. In the same interview, Joli said that the 2019 plans included campaigning for Trump’s re-election proposal.


Joli told Welum.com that she had been with her husband Steven Befera since 1995. Joli told his website that Befera taught him “the value of responsibility and discipline, the American way.” Joli said the couple had no problems with their busy schedules, only time management issues.


Like his wife, Befera works as a lawyer in the Miami area. According to her LinkedIn page, Befera is a professor at Miami University Law School.


The couple has a son together. In April 2011, Joli told CBS Miami that she believed her family bulldog, Chester, was killed in retaliation. Joli said the neighbors accused Chester of killing one of his cats. Joli told the station, “I want to see justice for Chester. This is not a matter of revenge. It is not a matter of coming back to anyone. Our dog was innocent. ”

Joli told Chic Miami Magazine in a June 2019 interview that she was inspired to become a lawyer after watching Paul Newman’s movie The Verdict. Joli said:


The plot and effect of the movie was so clear that I decided at that point, that’s it! I will be a lawyer! Yes, it was a movie! I’m a lawyer today, thanks to Paul Newman.


Joli said earlier in the interview that his original plan was to become an architect. Joli said her mother believes her daughter will live her life “as a starving artist.” In a separate interview with Voyage Miami, Joli said in her youth that she was “a simple family girl from the neighborhood”.

Mayra Joli Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

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