What You Don’t Know About Viral girl in a bathroom video: Mayenggo3 TikTok Girl Wiki, Birthday, Wikipedia, Net Worth, Nationality, Biography, Height, Partner

Who is Mayenggo3 TikTok Girl?

TikTok is famous for its viral, out-of-the-world videos from its users. However, the recent horrendous video from a Tiktok user named, Mayengg03 went viral on social media platforms. This shocking video featured a decapitation in a weird video from the account of Mayengg03. The viral video brought out massive questions on the regulation of content on video-sharing platforms like TikTok.

‘Girl in the Bathroom Video Explained – Mayengg03 Tiktok Video Link

The viral TikTok video posted by Mayengg03 is now removed from the video-sharing platform. Also, the account is now set to private. The viral full video of ‘girl in the bathroom’ beheading is available on Psychoduck.net. However, viewer discretion is advised.

The full video of Mayengg03 features a girl potentially of Spanish origin dancing in the video. However, there is an abrupt shift in the content of the video which features a brutal beheading of a person in the second half of the video. Though it is unclear about the identity of the person being beheaded, the popular belief is the girl in the dancing video. However, the attire worn by the person being beheaded is different from the girl. Also, the girl in the dancing video is wearing white shorts while the victim of beheading is featuring patterned shorts.

Mayengg03 Beheading Video Features Spanish Cartel Link?

While the audio in the viral video is unclear, the victim of the beheading is termed as ‘puto’. The term ‘puto’ is a derogatory term in Spanish. Though there is no obvious cartel link to the beheading, there is a possibility that the victim is male. The term ‘puto’ is used for males while ‘puta’ is used for females.

Mayengg03’s video is receiving massive traction on Tiktok and other social medial platforms. However, the disturbing video created massive routes of speculation from the netizens. While the link is yet to be established, the users expect some major links to the cartels.

Who is Mayengg03? Why Did She Upload the Girl Chopping Her Head off Video?

Mayengg03 was a popular account on Tiktok. While the content of Mayengg03 was fairly under the allowed regulations, this shocking video received massive outrage on social media. Hence, TikTok flagged the account and took down the ‘girl chopping her head off’ video citing policy violations.

There is a possibility of Mayengg03 using the combination of two videos to rise to popularity. However, this allegation can be ascertained only if the source of the beheading video comes to light.

The Execution Video is from a Mexican Cartel

The men in the video pledged allegiance to a Mexican cartel before chopping the girl’s head off, but it’s not clear whether that is true. Some people on social media who’ve seen the video claim it shows a cartel executing a girl, but the murderers don’t reference cartels in the video. The page where the video was originally shared has been set to private; it only has a few followers and a black ribbon on the profile.

Twitter users have shared warnings about the video, which showed a girl dancing before two men cut a person’s head off.

The Video Starts with a Girl Dancing Before turning to a gory scene

The video starts out as a dancing video then abruptly switches to a gory scene. A couple of men are involved in beheading the person in the video, and they seem to be speaking Spanish. It’s not clear whether the girl who was shown dancing is the same as the girl who is beheaded and is even female at all; their clothing is different. The person whose head is being chopped off is wearing shorts and a blue shirt, and the dancing girl is wearing a cropped black tank top and white shorts. A site called PsychoDuck.net preserved the full video.

Two men can be heard speaking in Spanish as they behead what is believed on social media to be a woman or girl. It’s possible the victim was actually a male because the killers referred to the victim as “puto,” which is a word used to refer to men (puta can be also the word for a female.)