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Who is Maxine Bainton Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Instagram, Hidden Facts You Need to Know

Maxine Bainton Wiki – Maxine Bainton Biography

Maxine Bainton was A mother-of-four died of alcohol poisoning at a campsite after drinking a bottle of red wine after a strenuous nine-mile country walk, an inquest heard.

Maxine Bainton, 50, from Salford, was camping with her husband, Stephen, in Gwynedd, northwest Wales, during the August public holiday weekend.


The couple had lunch with one of their sons and his girlfriend at a bar before returning to the campsite and drank a bottle of wine each throughout the evening.


Around 9:00 pm, Mr. Bainton decided to go to bed and left his wife – wanting to stay standing – in the camping chair.


At around 1 o’clock he woke up and realized that he was not with him, so he stood up and found him lying face down on the lawn outside.


Mr. Bainton thought he was asleep at first, so he tried to wake him up but failed.


Every time you drink alcohol, your liver needs to filter from your blood.


Alcohol is absorbed into your body quickly (much faster than food), but the body can only process about 1 unit of alcohol per hour.


If you drink too much alcohol in a short period of time, such as at night outside, your body will not have time to process it all.


Alcohol poisoning can occur even if a person drinks alcohol-containing household products. Children sometimes drink these by accident.


The amount of alcohol in your bloodstream will increase, known as your blood alcohol concentration (BAC).


Source: NHS


He described the investigation as follows: I called ‘999’ and a couple came to help from the neighboring tent.


I thought he would wake up all the time, but he didn’t.


The investigation heard that Ms. Bainton may have drunk more after her husband went to bed.


The forensic officer was unable to pinpoint the exact number of drinks he consumed, but said that consuming alcohol over a short period of time could be an aggravating factor.


An autopsy showed he had 311mg of alcohol in his system – more than four times the legal driving limit.


Judge Katy Sutherland said: ‘There was an extremely high ethanol level in Ms. Bainton’s system and it essentially poisoned her.


He had drunk large amounts of alcohol in a short time, and at the time of death, the amount of alcohol in his system would likely be higher than when the toxicology examination was carried out. ‘


Mr Bainton said: ‘We would try to escape together once a month and go to many city breaks.


We decided we wanted to go on vacation in this country, when Maxine found this site.


We absolutely fell in love with this place and would try to come every weekend, as long as the weather and COVID permit.


It was not uncommon to drink a bottle of wine for each of us, and I would often go to bed before Maxine.


She was a wonderful woman and was the life and spirit of the party. He would light up every room he entered, loving and affectionate. ”


Concluding the investigation, Mrs. Sutherland concluded that Ms. Bainton died of alcohol poisoning.