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Who is Maurice Jewel Taylor Sr Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Instagram, Hidden Facts You Need to Know

Maurice Jewel Taylor Sr Wiki – Maurice Jewel Taylor Sr Biography

The father of four from Southern California was charged with the murder for allegedly decapitating his teenage daughter and 12-year-old son and harassing his other two sons.


Maurice Jewel Taylor Sr., 34, faces two serious crimes, each for murder and child abuse, under circumstances or circumstances that could result in major bodily injury or death, the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office announced on Tuesday.


Taylor is accused of fatally stabbing 12-year-old Maurice and his 13-year-old sister, Maliaka, in Lancaster on November 29. It was five days before their bodies were found, according to reports.


During this time, prosecutors said the bodies of their brothers of two other sons, aged eight and nine, were shown and they were forced to go without food in their bedroom. It was previously reported that the children’s mother was also at home.


Taylor’s trial is scheduled for December 21. It was unknown whether he had a lawyer on Wednesday.


Taylor was working in a physical therapy center in Santa Monica, but was running online training sessions during the coronavirus outbreak.


CBS Los Angeles reported that some of its clients contacted authorities after failing to attend scheduled appointments, leading to the discovery of the victims.


Exclusive video footage obtained by DailyMail.com on Tuesday shows the moment Taylor is removed from the stage with a stretcher handcuffed.


Living adjacent to the family, Lauren Henry told DailyMail.com: ‘I remember when each of the four children was born, and I remember the excitement that surrounded them.


As he grew up, it was clear that he had a feeling for adventure and new experiences even at a young age. Maliaka was very intelligent, very adventurous and observant. He would really grow to reach his potential.


Mo Jr. He looked at his brother and admired everything he did. I’m sure they stay very close to each other as they get older, and I know that they end up together. I will always remember their smiling faces. ‘


Authorities made the terrible discovery while responding to reports of a possible gas leak at a property at 45,000 blocks of Century Circle, where children were in separate bedrooms with tears and stab wounds.


Taylor was given an arrest warrant instead of a $ 4.2 million bail. If convicted, he faces a maximum life sentence of more than 57 years.


What motivated the attack is unknown and the incident is still under investigation, but Taylor’s personal training clients told the LA Times earlier in the week that they were raising their concerns about her well-being.


Described as ‘soft’ and ‘reliable’, the fitness instructor aroused concerns when she didn’t come to the fitness sessions she ran through Zoom.


Howard Kern, a lawyer and writer who has had personal training sessions with Taylor for nearly seven years, reported the gas leak to the Times on Friday morning, prompting the fire department to find the bodies.


I said, “I’m worried.” We are concerned about a possible gas leak. There are four children and two adults – and we’re worried about their safety, ”Kern told the newspaper.


The Los Angeles County Fire Department was called to the single-story house around 7:00 am.


The Mayor of Lancaster, R. Rex Parris, said that both victims had beheaded and described the scene as ‘brutal’.


Lt. Dean told reporters at the scene Friday morning, ‘LA County Sheriff’s assistants responded to the area and saw two people inside were both very young, possibly dead in their teen years.


“Someone looks like a man, someone looks like a woman, probably some kind of sharp trauma, either a stabbing or a cutting tool.”


Dean said there were no gas leaks at the facility.


“The cause of death of the two people inside does not seem to have anything to do with the gas leak,” he said.


Another client told the Times that Taylor had previously contacted the Sheriff’s Department on the days when he wasn’t coming for a session via Zoom.


He said he knew something was wrong when he didn’t send a Zoom link for a session and then didn’t appear in the allotted time.


Taylor was a personal trainer at a Santa Monica physical therapy and fitness center, but was now holding sessions on Zoom due to the pandemic.


Kern told the Times that he was concerned that Taylor was ‘living under enormous pressure’ since he had lived and worked on his own since the age of 18 and was in a marriage that Kern described as ‘contested’.


The client told his wife at the gym that he would often hear Kern on the phone and “yell at him”.

‘He’d be very apologetic and she’d be yelling at him,’ said Kern.

He described him as the ‘nicest person that you know, then multiply that by five’.

‘He worked so hard to support himself. Unfortunately, we don’t know enough to say what happened or what didn’t happen.’

Mayor Parris said he believes the fallout from the pandemic had created a stressful environment.

‘What I’m seeing is more and more people feeling desperate, and that can only have one result,’ he said, according to the Times.

A property owner in the area told the Times he thought only two children lived in the home.

He said the home environment ‘looked strange’ with the family keeping themselves to themselves and the windows were often ‘blacked out’ in a neighborhood where most others would stop and chat outside.